Hadrami Beeswax

Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem is known for its purity and its amazing benefits and for more excellence, we offer you that miracle product that contains a variety of ingredients that make it a perfect food that benefits the digestive system from the mouth to the output tunnel

Hadrami beeswax can be chewed, eaten and swallowed individually or after blending with honey to get its full benefits.

DensityHigh density waxy material
ColorTransparent white might tend to light yellow.
OdorThe good smell of pure honey.
TasteSugary and delicious
ComponentsContains monoclonal sugars, bee gum, propolis, pollen, royal food with a little honey, right hemorrhoids, mono and bivalent alcohol, hydrocarbons, monocrystals, hydroxy acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
FlowerMountain beeswax from the mountains of Hadramout Yemen



Mawasem always gets benefit from all what honey provides; honey bees and Hadrami beeswax is one of these outstanding products produced by bees’ workers from the secretions of the gland located at the bottom of the abdominal rings called “the Istarnet “.

To produce a kilo of beeswax, the bee needs 9 kilos of honey and a large amount of pollen collected from flowers and plants, that makes it a rare and precious product that only everyone who knows its value and benefits asks for it

The benefits of beeswax have been known for thousands of years and used in the treatment of many diseases, it contains ingredients and vitamins make it a health food multi-benefits and uses as if you are buying several products in one product. It contains pollen, royal jelly and propolis with honey, all of which are known for their medicinal properties.

When you buy Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem, it means that you have chosen the perfect candy for your children, they can chew it like a chewing gum and enjoy its high benefits for mouth, gums, teeth and throat, and do not be afraid of swallowing it, Instead, encourage them to swallow and eat it. even it reaches the stomach, it benefits every part of the digestive system, even the channel of output.

Encourage your children to chew and swallow Hadrami beeswax and enjoy its delicious taste and endless benefits.

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500 Gram, 1000 Gram

Characteristics of Hadrami beeswax

Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem, is a 100% natural food supplement for adults and children has many characteristics, the most important are

Odor: the good smell of sweet honey.

Color: Pure white transparent, may vary according to pollen and honey gum ingredients to become light yellow.

Density: Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem is a high-density product because of the pollen and bee gum included, but fragile easy to be broken by hand.

Taste: sugary and delicious taste of honey granular for adults and children.

Storage: Mawasem presents to you Hadrami beeswax in sealed glassware, to be kept away from sunlight and heat, closes the package well after use.

Benefits of Hadrami beeswax

Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem has a large number of benefits for all parts of the body

It has a large number of antioxidants known with its effect to enhance the immune system, therefore, taking beeswax protects you from infectious diseases and activates your immune system to fight and eliminate them, especially as it contains pollen and royal jelly that protect against allergies.

Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem treats cold, flu and cough diseases because it contains disinfectants for the throat and respiratory system.

If you suffer from skin allergies you can use Hadrami beeswax to treat them, and this is what the pharmaceutical companies have noticed recently and have added it to the ingredients of ointments and creams, but Mawasem offers you the beeswax in its natural form without any chemical additives.

Beeswax can be taken while following a diet, in spite of its sugary taste, it contains fructose sugar that gives you energy without increasing your weight.

Fructose sugar, similar to fruit sugars, makes beeswax a useful food for diabetics that activate the pancreas, they can take it without fear of high sugar in the blood

The presence of Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem in your kitchen is an urgent necessity, as it is an effective and quick treatment to burns and stings that has been experienced by women while they are in the kitchen, besides it removes their marks on the skin

Hadrami Beeswax helps to regulate digestion and eliminate constipation because it activates the stomach and treats indigestion and gases and it is considered an excellent natural laxative.

Ladies who are looking for pure and smooth skin can rely on the Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem, which contains concentrated antioxidants that protect your skin and treat all its problems, especially grains and wrinkles.

If beeswax is mixed with oil of Marigold and olive oil, it produces a wonderful ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal wounds and to relieve the pain resulting from them.

Weak hair, a problem is well known by many girls, can be easily treated using Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem with Shampoo and Conditioner because it is a natural product that nourishes your hair and helps it to grow and prolong it also gives smoothness and vitality to your hair

Beeswax treats skin problems when it is directly used on the skin, especially eczema and acne because it provides the skin with natural moisturizing that protects it from dehydration, air, and dust fluctuations because it contains vitamin A and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and ulcer.

If your skin is dry and cracked, use Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem with almond oil and vitamin E to get a natural product that renews and moisturizes skin cells, prevents dehydration and fights wrinkles.

Get soft pink lips without artificial moisturizers, it is now possible and easy, a few beeswaxes on your lips and enjoy the beauty and softness, you can also make a mixture of coconut oil with beeswax to use it daily on your lips before sleep and forget the cracks and dryness completely.

The appearance of white stretch marks after birth or after losing weight is one of the annoying things to women, stop using cosmetics that give less results than your expectations, Mawasem provides you with a natural solution to prevent this problem, use Hadrami beeswax with a little vitamin E and wheat germ oil as an ointment and these marks will disappear forever.

Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem is an excellent appetitive for young children, making it a natural dietary supplement that treats wasting and weight loss.

Hadrami beeswax has a great role in stimulating the inactive thyroid gland and improve its performance, which eliminates the sense of laziness, lethargy and nervousness.

Hadrami beeswax prevents the growth of free radicals in the body and thus protects against the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Eating beeswax improves your sexual abilities and treats marital problems and infertility, because it improves the production of sperm.

Hadrami beeswax has an effective role in the treatment of many serious diseases, especially malaria, asthma, tuberculosis and typhoid.

Pregnant women can take beeswax because it provides them with vitamins, energy and vitality necessary for the development of the fetus, and it helps in the normal delivery especially if it is taken regularly in the ninth month of pregnancy, as it works to constrict the uterus and facilitate birth.

After birth, the mother needs a natural food supplement that does not increase her weight and helps her to increase the amount of breast milk, the best product to achieve this difficult equation is Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem

Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem treats anemia and raises the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood.

Beeswax contains a large percentage of vitamins and minerals that help to stimulate the body and circulatory system, which makes you feel energy and vitality.

Inhaling the smell of Hadrami beeswax helps to treat respiratory problems, asthma and asthma.

Beeswax can be considered as an antibiotic that works to treat bacterial infections

Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which makes it important to strengthen teeth and bones and prevent fragility.

Recipes of beeswax:

Honey beeswax, this natural substance is produced by honey and has been extracted by Mawasem enters into a large number of important medical and therapeutic recipes, such as

The use of beeswax as a mask on the face treats the pills and pimples, and strengthens the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and moisturizes the skin and protects them from dehydration.

If you have expensive wooden furniture and you are looking for something that polishes it and at the same time to protect it from scratches, you can use one tablespoon of beeswax with a little coconut oil, use a soft cotton cloth and polish the furniture.

Mixing beeswax with olive oil or coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for the skin that prevents dryness.

Beeswax can be added to hair removal recipes, which gives an easy way for hair removal and at the same time nourishes the skin and leaves it soft and moist.

A little bit of beeswax can be used to polish tableware and save them from rusting.

Mix beeswax with olive oil and use it as a cream, treat psoriasis and eczema and relieve pain, because it contains ingredients that reduce inflammation and prevent the return of the infection.

The room can be evaporated with beeswax, which produces negative ions that act as a natural filter that purifies the air of dust, lint, dust, and allergens, this method is an effective treatment for patients with chest allergies, asthma and hay fever.

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