Yemeni Hadrami Honey

The finest honey of all kinds types and the most distinctive in the world, made by bees that absorb the nectar of Sidr trees, those trees scattered in the valley of Hadramout , and is used in the treatment of many diseases.

DensityHigh density.
OdorThe smell of Sidr leaves
TasteA sweet taste not pungent
ComponentsMonoclonal sugars, yeast, amino acids, various vitamins and minerals.
FlowerYemen’s Sidr tree



This honey is called the honey of the Sidr because the bees absorb the nectar of the Sidr tree, which is an evergreen tree that grows in hot and humid climates and stands in extreme climatic conditions.

Yemen is famous for owning a large number of trees. The Hadramaut Mountains extend over a large area from west to east, in its highlands and valleys there are a lot of wild Sidr trees

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Mountain honey

Characteristics of Yemeni honey.

Odor: Yemeni Hadrami Honey is unique with its strong and grainy smell unlike other types of honey.

Taste: It is sweet, delicious, and not pungent

Density: Yemeni Hadrami Honey has a high concentration and its texture is a bit sticky, its density varies according to the maturity of the bees when Sidr trees bloom at the end of the summer where the beehives are at their weakest.

Color: It is categorized by the dark color, and it is a result of that bees feed on the Sidr trees, unlike other trees in light colors, and when it is stored for a long time it tends to red.

It retains its original volume when placed in the refrigerator no matter how long, and does not form grains of sugar, so the Sidr honey does not crystallize at all and it is not affected by the change in temperature in terms of decrease or increase also, it doesn’t freeze even when placed in freezers

It can be stored for ten years without changing its components. Yemeni Hadrami Honey preserves its chemical composition and therefore retains its quality if it is stored in sealed glass containers.

Benefits of Yemeni Hadrami Honey

Yemeni Hadrami Honey is one of the most popular types of honey in terms of treating many diseases and maintaining the concentration and vitality of the body. Its benefits include:

  • Cardiovascular diseases:

It protects against heart disease and reduces the incidence of heart attacks. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and prevents arteriosclerosis and strokes.

Maintains the elasticity of veins and arteries, and treats chronic fatigue and shortness of breath, by taking it regularly.

  • Cancer Diseases:

Treats both pancreatic cancer, brain tumors, breast cancer, and liver cancer.

It also treats blood pressure diseases, especially when continuing to put on the navel for more than a month.

  • Skin, and hair:

It heals skin problems of various types, such as skin rash and acne, and gives the skin freshness and radiance. It also purifies the skin from the blackheads and spots.

Problems with oily skin do not end, especially in adolescence, due to the growing secretion of fat it blocks the pores of the skin leading to the emergence of pimples, acne and the accumulation of bacteria. Here comes the benefit of Yemeni Hadrami Honey in the treatment of these problems of oily skin by absorbing excess oil in the skin, not only that, but keeps water longer that maintains moisturizing, unlike other treatments that dry the skin when removing oils.

Treats various skin infections by regenerating cells, along with cleansing the skin of bacteria

  • Reduces skin sensitivity:

If you suffer from the problem of hair loss, Yemeni Hadrami Honey is the appropriate treatment, as it helps to repair damaged hair, and stop falling, and gives the hair the natural shine, it also treats fatty hair’s problems because it contains antioxidants and vitamins.

It is used to mix two tablespoons of Yemeni Hadrami Honey in lukewarm water. And after shampooing the hair normally, the mixture is then applied to the hair and left for one to two hours.

The benefits of honey are not only limited to help fatty skin but also helps dry skin by mixing with olive oil, which helps to moisturize.

Rejuvenates skin cells for all skin types.

  • Infertility and reproduction:

House of a bride is not free from Yemeni Hadrami Honey, if you are planning to have a pregnancy, you should take it daily with you and your husband as this honey activates the reproductive system and increase the chances of pregnancy, and also addresses cases of infertility and sexual weakness in men.

Do not stop taking Yemeni Hadrami Honey after pregnancy, it works to strengthen the body of the pregnant women and gives them important elements and compounds for the mother and her fetus, such as folic acid, which is indispensable for pregnant women.

  • Kidney and Purification of the body:

If you have kidney stones, do not hesitate to take honey on an empty stomach after adding a little water, as it works to break the stones in the kidneys and bladder.

It also helps flush out toxins from the body and treats nausea and poisoning caused by eating rotten foods.

  • Bones:

Yemeni Hadrami Honey relieves from rheumatism pain, also limits the sore of knees, shoulders and back.

  • Respiratory system:

It limits the congestion of the throat and sinuses, as it eliminates coughing.

It also reduces the symptoms of some serious respiratory diseases such as asthma.

  • Other benefits:

Enhances immune system efficiency.

Treats stomach pain and eliminates constipation.

Strengthens the nervous system, activates the body physically and mentally.

Activates the action of the glands.

Recipes of Yemeni honey.

Mix equal amounts of Yemeni Hadrami Honey with flaxseed, ginseng and olive oil, and to be taken daily and regularly, it would help to improve erections in males.

 Place a teaspoon of Yemeni Hadrami Honey, with a teaspoon of crushed cinnamon, then stir it well until it becomes rough, and then apply to the infected area of ​​the skin to treat burns or pills.

Put a little honey on a piece of toast, and then eat breakfast in the morning, to ease the pain of the menstrual cycle.

Tip: To take advantage of Yemeni Hadrami Honey in general, it can be used in the preparation of various salads and dishes, as it gives a delicious taste and distinctive flavor.

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