Egyptian Beeswax

Mawasem always try to take advantage of all the Bees honey’s miracles and benefits to offer our customers every new and useful products, this time Mawasem offers you the Egyptian beeswax known for its medical and therapeutic benefits with purity and high quality.

Beeswax is considered a miraculous and a perfect food for the digestive system of adults and children, it is like candy that can be chewed and swallowed thoroughly.

In order to maximize its benefits, it is possible to add Beeswax to pure honey from Mawasem, to completely clean the digestive system and protect it from diseases.


Density waxy substance with high density.
ColorBeeswax’s color is white, transparent, tends to light gold.
OdorIt is characterized by a sweet honey bee flavor.
Tastedistinctive sugary taste
ComponentsContains monoclonal sugars, bee gum, pollen, royal food with honey, mono and bivalent alcohol, hydrocarbons, monocrystals, hydroxy acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
FlowerPure Egyptian beeswax.




Egyptian beeswax from Mawasem is a new and distinguished product, we recommend that you add it immediately to your shopping cart, it is a product worth to try it due to its various medical and therapeutic benefits.

The best candy that could be given to your children without concern, safe candy from the good nature without preservatives or artificial colors, can be chewed, eaten and swallowed, it treats the respiratory system problems, it eliminates the problem of constipation and disinfection of the digestive system, not just candy, it is a distinct treatment and useful food.

Honey Beeswax is a distinctive product produced by a small gland located below the abdominal rings called “the Internet”.

In order to produce one kilo of beeswax, bees need nine kilos of honey with a large number of pollens that are collected from plants and flowers, so it is a rare product that people crave for it.

The benefits of beeswax have been known thousands of years ago by old medicine and had been used in the treatment of many diseases because of its components of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Egyptian beeswax is one of the best foods from Mawasem, for children and adults. It opens the appetite, improves digestion and treats diseases, it is easy to eat and as soft as gum, it can be chewed and then swallowed to pass through the digestive system until it reaches the output channel in an exciting treatment journey for all the body organs it passes through.

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500 Gram, 1000 Gram

Characteristics of Egyptian beeswax

Egyptian beeswax from Mawasem is a 100% natural product, a distinct supplementary food for the whole family, has lots of noticed characteristics: –

Odor: Beeswax from Mawasem is characterized by the strong honey aroma that intrigues children to taste.

Color: Pure white transparent, may vary according to pollen and gum included to become light golden.

Density: Beeswax is recognized with high density but crisp, easy to break by hand and to be chewed easily.

Taste: The Egyptian beeswax has the taste of sugary delicious honey for adults and children.

Storage: Egyptian beeswax from Mawasem is sealed in high quality glass containers, should kept away from sunlight and heat, package has to be closed well after use

Benefits of Egyptian beeswax

It is a product that contains ingredients that make it multi-use and useful for the health of adults and children, it is suitable for chewing and swallowing, it looks like candy for children but naturally with a large number of health benefits including:

– Strengthens immunity

Egyptian beeswax contains a large percentage of antioxidants which are important to strengthen and revitalize the immune system, and taking it regularly helps to protect against infection and infectious diseases and protects children from the chest and respiratory allergies.

– The best cure for colds

Frequent cold and flu are one of the most common health problems for children and the elderly, Egyptian beeswax treats respiratory diseases, especially cough, sputum, and sore throat, as it contains antiseptic and antifungal substances.

– Treats skin allergy

The use of beeswax from Mawasem treats skin diseases by placing directly on the places of infection, and this is what some pharmaceutical companies have noticed and used as ointments, Mawasem offers you now pure and natural product without chemical additives complex.

– Useful for diabetics

Egyptian beeswax from Mawasem, contains fructose, which gives the body energy and activity without increasing weight and also activates the pancreas, making it ideal for diabetics.

– Treatment for skin burns

Burns from the fire or the sun, as well as insect bites, can be treated with beeswax from Mawasem, it removes their effects and the skin returns quickly to its nature.

– The health of the digestive system

The Egyptian beeswax from Mawasem, one of the most beneficial foods treats lots of the digestive system, it activates the intestines, treats the gases, stomach and colon infections, and softens the stomach and helps to remove the waste easily to get rid of the problem of constipation.

– Food for the skin

Stop looking for products that treat your skin’s problems, you can only use beeswax to make your skin shines without wrinkles and free of grain, pimples, soft, it is a rich product of vitamins that nourish the skin.

– Treatment of hair problems

You can use beeswax from Mawasem, apply it to the hair to treat the problem of dandruff, weakness and fall, to get smooth and shiny hair, it is a perfect and direct food for dry and brittle hair, activates the follicle and stimulates its growth.

– Treatment of skin diseases

The Egyptian beeswax is used in the treatment of skin diseases especially psoriasis, eczema, psoriasis and acne, containing vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial agents and disinfectants that treat ulcers and skin diseases.

– Remove stretch marks

The Egyptian beeswax is used in the treatment of white stretch marks that appear in the skin after giving birth and after the elimination of excess weight, the wax is mixed with vitamin E and the wheat germ milk and used as a cream for these places and you will notice that the lines will disappear forever.

– Appetizer

Beeswax is one of the best appetizers that can be used for children, It also works as a treatment for wasting and general weakness because it contains vitamins and minerals that benefit the child in the growth period.

– Thyroid stimulator

Treatment using the Egyptian beeswax stimulates the inactive thyroid gland and treats its side effects of laziness, inactivity, exhaustion, and nervousness.

– Prevention of cancer

Egyptian beeswax prevents harmful cells from growing and spreading, which protects against tumors.

– Sexy tonic

Egyptian beeswax is an excellent sexual stimulant for men, treats erectile dysfunction and works to stimulate sperm and increase their number and movement.

– Food for pregnant women

Pregnant women can use beeswax, which is a special food that provides them with energy, vitamins, and minerals. It also facilitates normal childbirth.

After birth, beeswax helps to increase breast milk and nourishes the mother without fear of weight gain

– Treatment of anemia

Egyptian beeswax from Mawasem, contains a large proportion of vitamins and minerals that raises hemoglobin in the blood and treats anemia and activates blood circulation throughout the body.

– Strong bones

Calcium in beeswax is high, that makes it effective in strengthening bones and teeth, and when chewed it purifies mouth and treats inflamed gums.

– Asthma treatment

Asthma and cough can be treated by the inhalation of the beeswax

Recipes of Egyptian beeswax

Egyptian beeswax from Mawasem, is a natural substance rich in therapeutic components, so it is included in many therapeutic recipes, such as:

– Mix beeswax with the oil of Marigold plant and virgin olive oil and use the mixture as an ointment to the anus, it treats hemorrhoids and heal its wounds and reduce the pain resulting from it.

– For the treatment of acne pills, spots and pimples, Egyptian Beeswax from Mawasem can be used weekly as a mask for the skin, it moisturizes and protects against dehydration and cracking.

– For the treatment of wrinkles and tightening of the skin, Egyptian Beeswax from Mawasem is mixed with a little almond oil and vitamin “e” to get a natural mask that tightens the skin and moisturizes and prevents wrinkles completely to make your skin pure and bright.

– To moisten lips, use beeswax with coconut oil to paint daily before bedtime, and will find the result yourself, soft and pink lips.

– For the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, olive oil is blended with Egyptian Beeswax from Mawasem and to apply it to the place of injury, it relieves pain and prevents recurrence of infection.

– To purify the atmosphere of dust and impurities, the room can be evaporated with beeswax, which produces negative ions that purify the atmosphere as the filter, this steam can also treat asthma, chest allergies and fever.

– Used in polishing precious wooden furniture after adding it to coconut oil and use it with a soft cotton towel, it is also used to polish the silver tableware and save them from rust.

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