Citrus Honey

Citrus honey from Mawsem, is a 100% natural honey characterized by its light color and distinctive citrus scent. It is produced from our orchards of orange blossoms and other citrus flowers without any industrial nutrition with the highest quality and purity.

DensityLow density
ColorLight yellowish tends to gold
OdorSmells like citrus
TasteLight sugar taste
ComponentsCitrus honey is rich in essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.

As well as volatile oils, proteins, antioxidants and amino acids.

FlowerCitrus trees such as lemon, orange and tangerine.



Honey Citrus is one of the best types of honey useful for public health. It is rich in volatile oils and ascorbic acid thanks to its production of the finest types of citrus trees.

It also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, the most important of which are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron, as well as high availability of proteins, amino acids, antioxidants and a proportion of sugary substances in addition to multiple vitamins, and most important are vitamin A, B and C.

So, when you buy citrus honey from Mawasem, you ensure for yourself and your family healthy food useful for the health of all members of the family, especially young children.


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Characterizes & Benefits


2800 Gram

Characteristics of citrus honey from Mawasem

Citrus honey from Mawasem has a variety of characteristics that make it distinctive and different from any other honey, as below

Odor: Citrus honey is recognized by the smell of citrus trees, that proofs it is normal without any industrial feed.

Color: Citrus honey is light yellow to gold, tends to the colors of orange and lemon.

Density: This type of honey is characterized by low density, which makes it a light food on the stomach and easy to digest and swallow especially for young children and the elderly too.

It also crystallized rapidly at low temperature to keep its properties from damage.

Taste: Citrus honey is characterized by a little sugary taste so it is appropriate food for anyone who likes non-condensed sugars, you can take as much as you can without concern about nausea.

Storage: Citrus honey is stored from Mawasem in safe glass containers and specially prepared to retain its original taste and texture for long periods, and is not to be kept in metal containers, and preferably save away from sunlight.


Benefits of citrus honey

Have you ever been told by your doctor to take honey with lemon regularly to treat and avoid colds and raise the efficiency of the immune system?

You will not have to add lemon to honey after this day.

Citrus honey from Mawasem gives you this magical mix naturally in one product. Where bees feed directly on the citrus trees and produce that unique honey that combines the benefits of honey and citrus together, making citrus honey an ideal treatment for colds and flu, and the most important benefits:

Cough treatment

Does a member of your family have a cough? Have many medicines been used but are not effective?

Citrus honey gives you a definite cure for cough rather than excessive use of cough medicines with its side effects

Use citrus honey from Mawasem to calm the cough and treat sore throat, it contains a high proportion of vitamin “C” that makes it useful for the treatment of cough especially the night one and the one accompanied by sputum.

Treatment of anemia

Anemia is a problem that affects many adults and young people. It can be treated easily through the regular use of citrus honey, which increases the production of red blood cells and increases the hemoglobin level, thus it is an effective treatment for anemia because it contains a high percentage of iron.

Bone problems

Citrus honey contains a high percentage of calcium, which makes it the best treatment for bone problems, especially women’s osteoporosis, and it is also useful for children in the growth period as it Strengthens bone and teeth.

Treatment of sleep problems

Insomnia, intermittent sleep, anxiety and stress can be eliminated by taking citrus honey that helps to calm the nervous system, relieve pain and relax muscles and nerves, so you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep without worry.

Treatment of high blood pressure

Citrus Honey helps reduce high blood pressure by protecting against strokes and thrombosis.

Get rid of colds and flu

In case of colds, everyone is keen to eat orange, lemon and tangerine with honey, honey can now be eaten and yet you can get the benefits of citrus and honey in one spoon, it works to treat the symptoms of colds and relieve the flu and reduce throat infections and get rid of annoying cough.

Citrus honey also eliminates mucus, calms respiratory infections and treats colds, helping to recover from frequent colds, particularly in winter.

Good for oral health

Citrus honey from Mawasem, can keep you from visiting the dentist if it is used with a little warm water as a mouth rinse that disinfects bacteria and microbes and protects the gums and gives you the same refreshing breath with no need to use chemical products.

Skin problems

The use of citrus honey as a mask for the skin works to get rid of spots, pimples and protect the skin from dryness, cracks and ulcers.

The health of the digestive system

Citrus Honey improves digestive system performance, treats constipation, helps eliminate toxins and wastes, and activates intestines movement.

The stomach also removes accumulated gases and treats colic especially in children.

Honey useful for both kidneys

Citrus Honey helps revitalize the bladder and kidneys, making it an effective treatment for kidney and bladder stones and has a major role in the treatment of urinary tract infections.

Tonic for the brain

Taking citrus honey from Mawasem regularly stimulates the brain and strengthens the memory, it is useful in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and is an ideal food for students, especially during the period of study and examinations.

Tonic for the body

Citrus honey activates the body and prevents the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion and gives you vitality and activity constantly … take Citrus honey in the morning before going to work or study and you will find a noticed improvement in your performance and achievement of daily work and your focus, especially if you are an athlete

Ideal pregnant food

If you are pregnant at your first pregnancy’s months, and you have trouble vomiting and nausea morning? the best solution to these problems in your hands now, a perfect remedy for the problem of nausea and vomiting.

It is the Citrus honey, which contains ingredients that prevent this feeling and reduce these annoying daily symptoms and you would feel the improvement, just eat one tablespoon in the morning and slowly come out of your bed and enjoy the whole day activity and vitality without vomiting or dizziness.

That because it is produced from the finest citrus trees that make it a healthy food on the stomach and ideal for women in pregnancy and lactation period.

Enhance the immune system

Taking citrus honey regularly increases the ability of the immune system to resist infectious diseases, as it contains antioxidants and a large amount of minerals and vitamins, which makes it a distinct food to protect against infection and proved its effectiveness in the protection against cancer.


Recipes of citrus honey

– Eating a tablespoon of citrus honey daily on an empty stomach prevents vomiting and nausea.

– Put a tablespoon of citrus honey on a glass of warm milk and drink it daily before sleeping it treats insomnia and anxiety

– Rinsing with a mixture of warm water and citrus honey purifies the mouth of the smell of cigarettes

– Gargling with a mixture of warm water and a little of citrus honey treats sore throat and relieves the pain of tonsils.

– Used as a mask for the skin to get rid of pills and pimples.

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