Black Seed Honey

Black Seed Honey; 100% natural honey includes the benefits of honey and Black seed it is recognized for chest treatment and to get rid of the effects of moking. It is available from Mawasem the highest harvest of our nectar and the highest percentage of nectar with no industrial feed.

DensityHigh density.
OdorThe smell of the Black Seed
TasteA distinctive taste of the Black Seed
ComponentsSugars, Amino acids, and minerals such as Iron, Calcium and Potassium
FlowerBlack Seed



Black Seed honey is one of the best types of natural honey, produced by bees by absorbing the nectar of black seed flowers

It is well known that both honey bee and Black Seed beans are one of the most natural substances beneficial to the body, especially the grain of Black Seed, which contains a large number of Minerals, Vitamins, and Nutrients useful for adults and children.

Which makes it contains all the advantages of honey as well as the advantages of this magical bean that is known for its health benefits, medical and therapeutic since ancient times.

When you buy honey from the Mawasem, you will get a natural food supplement rich in a high percentage of antioxidants, which is one of the most important elements to protect and strengthen hair and skin and in the treatment of stomach diseases, and antioxidants that have properties related to the protection of the body from cancer.

Black Seed honey from Mawasem; has not been mixed with Black Seed powder as it is common in some kinds of honey traded in the markets, it is extracted from the black seed nectar without any industrial feed.

Properties of Black Seed Honey

Black Seed Honey is a rare species and it is produced in limited quantities due to its high nutritional value and medicinal and therapeutic importance.

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Characterizes & Benefits


2800 Gram

The most important features:

Odor: a good smell and light, it is not pungent, but it is very near to the Black Seed smell

Taste: have you ever chew a Black Seed? Honey with Black Seed has the same taste with the presence of some bitterness mixed with the sweetness of honey, which gives him a distinctive and unique taste that is adored by many.

Density: High density and does not crystallize rapidly, but keeps its natural characteristics for long periods


Benefits of Black Seed Honey

Black Seed Honey has many benefits, the most important of which are:

Treatment of sleep problems

Taking Black Seed Honey helps you to overcome sleep problems and get rid of insomnia, just put a teaspoon of it in a glass of warm water and take it before bedtime

Muscle inflammation.

If you are an athlete, you are often exposed to muscle inflammation caused by hard work, in this case, Black Seed Honey is the best option to get rid of inflammation of the muscles as it contains anti-inflammatory components, so it can be used as a muscle massage to get rid of the contraction and inflammation, especially after exercising

Problems with the stomach.

Do you think more than once before eating a heavy meal, as you fear of getting annoying gases or indigestion problems?

Do not worry about those problems anymore. Black Seed Honey has therapeutic benefits that can eliminate stomach, intestinal problems and gases completely, it also regulates digestion and helps to get rid of vomiting and nausea.

Eliminate allergy.

Black Seed Honey contains anti-histamine components, so it is an effective treatment of allergies and eliminate the symptoms associated with it, such as itching, rashes and tears of the eye.

Lactation period

You will not suffer anymore from the lack of breast milk, Black Seed Honey is characterized by its unique properties that helps to increase breast milk, so it is useful for the lactating mother to take Black Seed Honey during breastfeeding.

Enhancing immunity

Honey helps to strengthen the immune system and stimulate it to fight various diseases, as it contains a large number of antioxidants.

Useful for young children

Doctors recommend that children who are above two years to take honey, as it contains important acids that benefit young children in the stage of growth

Important for the elderly

Black Seed Honey contains some food substances that makes it an ideal food for the elderly to protect them from diseases of aging.

Blood circulation

Taking Black Seed Honey regularly provides the body with energy and vitality and activates the blood circulation and fights fatigue, and stress.

Healthy skin and hair

Black Seed Honey works on the regeneration of skin cells and treatment of various skin problems, and also addresses hair problems, especially weakness and fall.


Black Seed Honey s an excellent treatment for respiratory problems, colds, bronchitis inflammation, asthma, coughs and fever.


Black Seed Honey helps to reduce blood sugar, so it is very useful for diabetics, as it stimulates the performance of the pancreas.

Sexual problems

Black Seed Honey is an effective treatment for sexual problems, it treats erectile dysfunction for men and it works to increase the number and speed of sperm transmission in men with infertility

pregnancy period

Black Seed Honey is a useful food for pregnant women because it contains useful nutrients for the mother and fetus.


Recipes of Black Seed Honey

To get rid of kidney’s stones

Black Seed Honey helps to eliminate kidney’s stones and bladder in just 24 hours. Buy a full pack of honey 500 grams, then add a liter of warm water.

Take the mixture throughout the day until your body is completely rid of the stones.


Mix two tablespoons of honey with four spoons of sesame paste and take it 3 times a day until you notice the improvement.

For vomiting and nausea.

Mix a teaspoon of ginger with a teaspoon of honey and eat the mixture twice a day, in the morning and evening.

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