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Royal Samar honey from Mawasem, also known as Barm honey, 100% pure honey, this honey is extracted from Samar trees whose leaves thrive in the spring until the beginning of the summer months.

Bees feed on the nectar of this tree to produce the finest and purest types of honey during this period.

It is characterized by high nutritional value and its multiple benefits for adults and young people.

Density High density that is less than the density of Sidr honey
Color dark red tends to black
Odor aromatic fragrant
Taste Sugary and delicious
Components The honey contains vitamins and nutrients of high nutritional value and proteins in addition to the prostaglandin important to the immune system.
Flower Al-Samar Tree (Al-Talh)


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Royal Samar honey is derived from the flowers of the perennial trees that grow and flourish in the desert environment and withstand harsh climatic conditions.

It is one of the best types of honey recommended by doctors for adults and children because it works to strengthen the immune system.

Your choice of Royal Samar honey from Mawasem gives you a free vaccination against diseases for the whole family.

It is available in liquid form with wax that can be chewed by children and enjoy its delicious taste and healthy benefits for stomach, mouth and teeth.

Buying honey from Mawasem is the right choice for you and your family, because of its multiple benefits will make you repeat buying it many times.

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Characteristics of Royal Samar honey

Royal Samar honey is one of the rare types of honey that has characteristics that make it different from any other honey, especially in color and smell.

Smell: Samar Honey from Mawasem has a strong distinguished smell and flavor.

Color: Honey is recognized by dark red that turns by time to black.

Density: This type of honey is characterized by high density it is also sticky but less sticky than the Sidr honey.

It also does not crystallize easily and retains its natural subsistence for a long period of time beyond three years.

Taste: Samar Honey from Mawasem is characterized by a sugary delicious taste for adults and children.

Storage: Royal Samar honey from Mawasem is sealed in glassware that is specially prepared to retain its original taste and texture for long periods of time and is not kept in metal containers it is preferably saved away from light and sunlight with the seal closed after each use.

Use a dry and clean spoon each time so that honey is not exposed to rot.

The benefits of Royal Samar honey

Honey is pure natural honey that achieves many health and therapeutic benefits, including:

For kids

If you are looking for healthy and delicious food for your children easy to digest and absorb, the honey from the Mawasem is the best for this purpose, this honey has a high nutritional value it is light on the stomach contains a large number of vitamins and minerals important for young children during their growth period

Your child’s appetite is less than normal, do not buy an appetite stimulant that might harm the stomach and nervous system you can count Royal Samar honey as an appetizer it is also a natural tonic to increase hemoglobin, increase child weight, nutrition and improve overall health.

This honey contains a high percentage of protein that helps to build the body of children and support their growth.

Samar honey treats cases of diarrhea in children and protects them from intestinal influenza.

– Blood pressure.

Royal Samer honey works to regulate blood pressure and adjust its measurements.

– Anemia.

If you suffer from anemia, the high percentage of iron existing in this honey is very helpful in the treatment of anemia, so do not miss the experience of this amazing treatment, which helps to raise the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood.

– For athletes

If you exercise and wish to have the energy needed to build your body and muscles, honey is a perfect food for athletes thanks to its nutrients that provide the body with energy and strength without the need for supplements.

– Digestive system

Constipation is one of the most annoying problems, and experiments have shown that the use of laxative drugs causes many damages to the digestive system and affects the balance of acids in the stomach, however, honey is a natural laxative and disinfectant that treats constipation and facilitates the exit of waste and solve the problem of hemorrhoids without collateral damage.

Acidity and stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux, gastric ulcers, gastric disorders are all easy to be treated and relieved by taking Royal Samer honey regularly.

Moreover, it treats colic, vomiting, and nausea and saves the stomach from gas and bloating.

– Useful for bones.

The percentage of calcium in Royal Samar honey from Mawasem helps to maintain the health of bones and teeth and protects from fragility.

– Infectious diseases.

Excessive intake of antibiotics causes serious damage to the immune system, so if you are looking for a natural antibiotic, honey is the best choice, it is considered an antiviral, bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause many diseases.

Your choice Royal Samar honey from Mawasem is equal to vaccination against infectious diseases, this miraculous honey contains the important Prostaglandin to enhance the immune system’s efficiency

Scientific research has proven that any deficiency of this substance in the body Weakens the immune system which causes many diseases.

– Nervous system.

The psychological problems that affect our public health, fatigue, and tiredness, we can get rid of these symptoms by taking honey regularly, it helps to treat anxiety and tension and gives the person a sense of comfort and psychological calm because of its positive impact on the nervous system.

– Cancer prevention.

Royal Samar honey contains a group of fatty acids that work to stop the division of active cells, making it an adjunct to cancer treatment as it works to prevent the spread of cancer cells.

– Infertility and reproduction.

This honey is a special tonic for both men and women, it helps to treat erectile dysfunction and treat premature ejaculation problems and is useful in regulating ovulation in women.

– Other benefits.

1. The elderly can safely take Royal Samar honey, it boosts their immune systems and strengthens the heart muscle.

2. Although it contains sugar it does not cause tooth decay, but on the contrary, it keeps the health of the mouth and teeth and protects them from caries.

3. The proportion of sugars in Royal Samar honey gives the body energy and vitality and unusual activity that helps to do the work that requires much effort.

4. Royal Samar honey contains a large percentage of glucose plays a large role in stimulating the liver and increase its stock of sugars.

5. Royal Samar honey treats eye infections.

6. Doctors assert that regular eating of Royal Samar honey reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.

Recipes of Royal Samar honey

The honey is characterized by a large number of features that make it ideal for use in a wide range of therapeutic recipes, including:

Arthritis can be cured by mixing two tablespoons of Royal Samar honey with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a little warm water to form a cohesive paste that is placed on the place of pain to relieve pain in a few minutes.

Kidney and bladder infections can be cured by drinking boiled cinnamon with a little Royal Samar honey for sweetening.

To treat hair loss and baldness, mix two tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and half a cup of warm olive oil, put the mixture on the hair for a quarter of an hour and then rinse with water and shampoo.

Rinse with a mixture of honey and cinnamon reduces toothache and improves the smell of the mouth.

Taking Royal Samar honey every day on an empty stomach treats cough, colds, sputum and pneumonia.

The use of honey as a direct cream on hair scalp helps to get rid of dandruff, grow hair and increase its length and make it smooth, shiny, and full of vitality.

Men can take a spoon daily on an empty stomach to treat ED problems, and women can drink a cup of cinnamon with Royal Samar honey before sleep every day to cure ovulation disorders.

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