Korean Red Ginseng

Natural roots growing over the volcanic mountains of Japan and Korea have been used for thousands of years in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

This miracle plant is a divine gift to man, and Korea has managed to maintain its growth and cultivation and worked to protect it from pollution and environmental impacts, today Mawasem help you to take the advantages of this supernatural product mentioned by the British Medical Encyclopedia in its pages and praised its importance and effectiveness.

A special miracle product for the sexual problems of the elderly, which brings them back to youth by its affect on sex hormones.

DensitySoft brittle material.
Colorits color is red that turns to white or yellow with drying
OdorBeautiful distinctive smell
Tastegood taste, it can be added to dishes to improve their taste.
ComponentsThe most important components of Korean red ginseng are glycosides, a rare protein substance found only in Korean ginseng, and helps to digest sugars and fats.

It also contains phenols and maltol compounds which are powerful antioxidants.

It also contains sugars, that maintain the performance of the immune system, in addition to essential oils, fats, gender, phenostyrene, resins, vitamins and minerals.

FlowerA plant that grows over the tops of volcanic mountains in Japan and Korea



Ginseng is a herbal substance that Chinese medicine has known for many years. It is used in Asian kitchens, especially Korea.

It is a perennial plant, needs five years to grow and can be used, which makes it a rare product that is not readily available.

If you want to give your body energy and vitality and raise your sexual ability and avoid the symptoms of aging and menopause, you should try red ginseng from Mawasem, which stimulates hormones secretion whereas you can get the secret of youth and vitality.

Chinese said about red ginseng that it is the miracle magic recipe, it is the most important herb known in the Chinese’s folk medicine because of its ability to heal a lot of diseases, it is so-called energy herb

Red ginseng improves mental abilities and stimulates the brain and its effect outweighs caffeine drinks, it naturally improves erection better than chemical drugs, protects against colds and raises immunity, its benefits are multiple, worth trying.

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Properties of Korean Red Ginseng

Korean red ginseng herb of energy and vitality from Mawasem , achieves medical miracles, especially with regard to sexual problems, it is a natural food supplement has a number of characteristics, are:

Smell: Good smell that gives a distinctive flavor when added to any recipe

Color: Ginseng is red and turns with drying to white and light yellow.

Density: A brittle lightweight product.

Taste: Korean red ginseng has a herbal taste that gives a great taste when added to foods and beverages

Storage: Red ginseng from Mawasem is presented to you in a tightly sealed glass bottle is recommended to be stored away from sunlight, heat and humidity.

Benefits of Korean red ginseng

Alternative for Viagra

If you are looking for a natural product that increases your ability and addresses your sexual problems, you better try the Korean red ginseng from Mawasem, where research has proven that it is the best natural alternative to Viagra tablets and without any side effects.

Experiments indicated that Viagra expires after a few hours while ginseng extends for long periods.

Ginseng works to treat erectile dysfunction, improves sexual performance and increases the number of sperms and treats its deformities, besides it increases the secretion of the male hormone “testosterone”, so it is an excellent treatment for infertility, treats prostate infections and premature ejaculation, and restores youth and vitality for older men.

Tonic for ladies

It is used in the treatment of infertility of women resulting from poor ovulation and hormonal disorders, and treats vaginal dryness, and also reduces the symptoms of menopause.

Natural alarm

If you resort to caffeine drinks to increase your ability to concentrate and get energy and vitality, you should be aware of its side effects in the long term, you can take red ginseng and bid farewell all these drinks, the Korean red ginseng alone gives you alertness, activity and unexpected energy.


Taking Korean red ginseng helps to give the body energy and increases its endurance after surgery, it also helps to speed up recovery.

Strength of the immune system

Korean red ginseng activates the white blood cells and is useful in the treatment of congestion of the spleen and works to strengthen the immune system to be able to cope with bacterial and viral infectious diseases.

Treatment of diabetes

Eating Korean red ginseng from Mawasem activates the pancreas and treats diabetes.

Cancer resistance

Ginseng gives the body the ability to fight cancer, and antioxidants work to prevent the disease and prevent its cells from spreading.

Treatment of anemia

It is one of the most useful supplements in the treatment of anemia, where it increases the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood because it contains a high proportion of iron.

Sleep problems

For all those who suffer from insomnia, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress and depression, Korean red ginseng can ensure you calm nerves and psychological comfort and therefore a quiet and comfortable sleep, because of its components “Adaptogen” which acts as a stimulant to the adrenal gland controlling mood and mental state.

Heart disease;

Korean red ginseng works to control cholesterol in the body and thus protects from serious heart disease, especially strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

The elixir of permanent youth

If you dream of permanent youth and want to delay the symptoms of aging, take Korean red ginseng that delays the appearance of wrinkles in the face, hands and forehead, also activates the brain and memory and improves mental abilities, and protects you from Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness, because it consists of powerful antioxidants.

skin diseases

Korean red ginseng is used in skincare and treats lots of skin problems, where it heals black marks under the eye and melasma, freckles, acne, pimples and dehydration, and works to moisturize and lighten the skin.

It also treats itching, ulcers and eczema, as it activates blood circulation and improves blood access to the affected areas of the skin.

Stomach problems

Korean red ginseng treats gastrointestinal disorders, especially diarrhea and constipation, and relieves the stomach of accumulated gases and treats colic, which improves irritable bowel syndrome.


If you want a natural product that opens your appetite and increases your weight, eat red ginseng, which strengthens the body and opens the appetite and regulates digestion and treats general weakness and emaciation.

Food for athletes

Athletes can rely on Korean red ginseng from Mawasem, it strengthens the body and muscles and gives energy and activity, especially during competitions and games.

respiratory system diseases

Korean red ginseng from Mawasem is an effective treatment for respiratory diseases, especially bronchial and lung infections, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary fibrosis, influenza, and colds. It also treats cough and expels mucus.

Fatigue and tiredness

Korean red ginseng gives the body strength and activity and reduces the symptoms of headache, fatigue and fatigue.

Useful for hair

Korean red ginseng strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss and treats dryness and makes it shiny and healthy.

Fights wrinkles

Korean red ginseng plays the same role as collagen, it works to tighten the skin and treat wrinkles and gives the skin softness and natural moisturizing.

High pressure

Korean red ginseng treats high blood pressure and works to adjust it to normal limits.

Recipes of red ginseng:

Korean red ginseng can be used in several ways to take advantage of its many benefits, including:

For the treatment of cough and sputum, equal amounts of ginseng, licorice, and water you can boil them and drink the mixture three times a day.

For hair care, mix a little ginseng with shampoo and massage the hair thoroughly and leave it for minutes and then rinse the hair as usual.

For general health, 5 g of ginseng is mixed with a kilo of honey bee from Mawasem, then a spoonful of this mixture is to be taken morning and evening.

Ginseng can be chewed like gum and then swallow, it can also be added to green tea to give it a distinct flavor.

Ginseng can be added to water and to be boiled for 20 minutes, then cool it and drink it daily.

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