Acacia honey

Acacia honey, 100% natural Egyptian honey from our bees hives in New Valley’s mountains where the bees feed on the perennial acacia tree, which is about 30 meters high.

Acacia is famous for its medicinal uses as it is available also as capsules for the treatment of cold, digestive diseases, and skin infections.

DensityHigh and Its structure tends to slow crystallization.
ColorDistinctive red
OdorA pungent odor confirms its quality.
TasteIt tastes sweet and sour.
ComponentsSugar, iron, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers.
FlowerAcacia flower



Acacia honey, one of the finest types of therapeutic honey, your choice of this type of honey is like buying an integrated medical pharmacy. It has a great role in regulating blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, activating the body, raising the hemoglobin level to eliminate general weakness and anemia, and your children will accept it easily because of its lovely taste.

The Acacia tree, belongs to the legume family, needs great attention in order to obtain this honey.

The age of its flowers is short, but it is characterized by aromatic smell used by the pharaohs in treating many diseases and called the tree of life.

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Characteristics of Acacia Honey:

Acacia honey is unique and different rather than other types of honey, and you can’t miss its distinguished features, it does not need tests for quality, as it has its own characteristics and the most important are

Odor: Acacia honey is a product with strong, aromatic scent, produced from famous acacia trees without any industrial nutrients, preservatives or additives.

Color: Acacia honey is characterized by a unique red color.

Density: This type of honey is recognized with high density, and it does not crystallize easily and does not contain any granules or sugar pieces and retain its structure and natural characteristics for long periods.

Taste: Acacia honey is characterized by a slightly bittersweet taste that many people like.

Storage: Acacia honey is stored from Mawasem in safe glassware that specially prepared to retain its original taste and texture for long periods of time and is not kept in metal containers, preservation is preferred at room temperature away from sunlight.

Benefits of Acacia honey

Acacia honey is a natural product from Mawasem, produced from Acacia flowers, which is characterized by its medicinal and therapeutic benefits, so this honey carries the same characteristics of this miracle tree, which makes it a cure and treatment for a number of diseases, and the most important benefits of this honey:

Useful for skin and hair.

– If you suffer from hair loss and weakness, Acacia honey is a powerful and effective treatment for this problem, by using it as a direct mask on the hair where it makes it shiny and gives vitality and softness and prevents breakage and fall.

Acacia honey from Mawasem can be added to skincare recipes to get rid of stains, spots, ulcers, and pimples to leave skin soft , fresh ,and supple

Bone and rheumatism.

– Effective treatment of rheumatic inflammation, by mixing two tablespoons of Acacia honey with two tablespoons of ground cinnamon and use it as a palm to the place of pain twice a day for one month.

– Taking Acacia honey regularly helps to protect the bones and keep them against fragility because it contains a high percentage of calcium.

For the vitality of the body.

Do you suffer from fatigue and tiredness?

Just take Acacia honey from Mawasem, it has the ability to energize your body and supply it with validity, to quickly get rid of the feeling of stress. Just take one tablespoon daily on an empty stomach and go to your work in full health and concentration.


Acacia honey reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in the body and protects against heart attacks.

Mouth smell.

If you want a refreshing breath, just rinse your mouth with a mixture of cinnamon and Acacia honey it will achieve your goal in just a few minutes. It cleanses the mouth from bacteria and fungi and prevents bad smell, especially those caused by smoking.


– Follow a special diet needs some encouragement, Acacia honey is useful in burning fat and the eliminating calories, get the maximum benefit and put a tablespoon of Acacia honey from Mawasem on a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of cinnamon and take this mixture daily

Skin diseases.

– Acacia honey treats skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, use it as a skin palm several times a day


Acacia honey from Mawasem helps to prevent the early aging marks and treats wrinkles.


If you suffer from any stomach upset, Acacia honey from Mawasem is an effective remedy for these problems, It is a natural laxative, It improves the performance of the digestive system, and intestines and considered as a treatment to constipation and painful gases.


Acacia honey from Mawasem is an effective treatment for colds and flu. It strengthens the immune system, especially if taken with boiling garlic, produces a strong mixture against microbes and pathogenic bacteria.

A healthy alternative to sugar.

If you are looking for a natural product to be used as sweetener away from normal sugar’s damages, Acasia honey from Mawasem is the best choice. Add it to green tea, cake, milk, yogurt and herbal drinks.

Useful for kidneys.

One of the benefits of this honey is that it activates kidneys and protects them from inflammation.

Treatment of burns.

If you get burned while you are in the kitchen while preparing the best dishes for your family, a pack of Acacia honey from Mawasem is essential for treating first-class burns efficiently and effectively, add it to the place of injury, it relieves pain and heals burns.


– The annoying pain of the monthly menstrual, can be controlled by taking Acacia honey after adding it to boiled anise and mint, to give you rest of the pain, calm and relax, it is an amazing analgesic for pain

Infertility and reproduction.

If you have problems in your marital life, Acacia honey from Mawasem is a powerful sexual tonic that treats erectile dysfunction and infertility and improves the movement and the quality of sperm.

Recipes of Acacia Honey:

There are a number of therapeutic prescriptions included in the components Acacia honey, including:

– Since it contains ingredients act as a potent anti-inflammatory, it can be used to treat muscle pain, joints and rheumatism, by mixing a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon and to add it to the place of pain daily.

– Acacia honey treats all hair problems, you can make a mixture of a tablespoon of honey in a cup of pure olive oil with a little cinnamon powder, apply it to the hair before showering for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly to leave the hair strong, healthy, shiny and free from dandruff

– You can boil lemon juice with garlic, then add a teaspoon of Acacia honey and take this recipe to treat colds.

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