Our story

Mawasem started in Egypt in 1998 as the first company specialized in high-quality organic mountain honey bees products.
We provide the finest and purest types of raw honey products to our customers ,and here at
Mawasem, quality is number 1 for us, that's why we have quality control on every-aspect
of all stages of production, packaging and delivery.
The company follows a policy of training to all its employees
At the highest level of management, customer service and providing the highest level of after-sales service as-well.


Spreading awareness of the importance of using natural honey daily to reach it’s maximum health benefits.

And improving the health of our customers by providing them with safe, natural products of premium quality.


Manufacture and produce a 100% pure organic Honey of the highest consistent quality.

We believe the world is better when we eat Honey daily.


To enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for our customers

always producing the highest quality there is.

giving our customers the best organic premium  honey, and the easiest shopping experience possible.

Quality certificates

We’re very honored and proud to have received the ISO certificate (ISO 9001) Twice in 2008 and 2015.

We always strive to produce the highest quality levels possible, to make sure that our products are always premium, and improve the level of our service to guarantee that our customers receive the best only.

We promise you that we will always continue to evolve.

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