Yemeni Dowan honey

Mawasem presents the finest and best kinds of mountain honey known as the Yemeni Dowan honey, a 100% pure honey extracted from bee hives located in the valley of Dowan at Yemen.

The valley of Dowan, where the pure pristine nature and availability of many of Sidr trees along with medicinal plants and wild herbs, which have many therapeutic advantages.

Therefore, this honey is characterized as a healthy food appetite and delicious and at the same time has health and medicinal properties make it a treatment and prevention of large number of diseases

Brown ColorColor
The smell of pure honeyOdor
Sugary and not pungentTaste
Sugars, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, proteins and minerals are important for the health of adults and young people.Component
Bees feed on a wide range of plants with many medicinal benefits.Plant



Mawasem brings you the Yemeni Dowan honey from its original source from the Dwan valley in Yemen’s Hadramout, where bees feed on a wide range of medicinal and aromatic plants and wild herbs with therapeutic qualities, producing sweet honey without any industrial feed or preservatives.

If you are looking for a source of energy and vitality, purchase honey from Mawasem to get great energy because it contains plenty of calories.

The popularity of this honey has no doubts, it is one of the most known and high demand honeys for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits in addition to its high nutritional value

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Characteristics of Yemeni honey

Yemeni Dowan honey is the choice of the gourmet, it is a rare species that is harvested in July of each year and has a number of characteristics, the most important are:

Odor: Honey has a distinctive aromatic smell.

Color: Dark brown honey color tends to be brown.

Density: Yemeni Dowan honey by Mawasem has a high density that does not crystallize and does not freeze easily and retain its strength and natural characteristics for a long time.

Taste: Sugary taste delicious for adults and young people.

Storage: Honey stored in sealed glass containers, can be stored in the fridge because it is not affected by cold, after use, close the package and keep it in a dry place away from sunlight and light.

Benefits of Yemeni Dowan honey

Trust your choice of the Yemeni Dowan honey; because it is a healthy natural product provides you with a large number of medical and therapeutic benefits, including:

– Treatment of poor appetite

Lost appetite in children and adults is a problem experienced by many families, can be treated naturally by relying on honey, it is an effective treatment for cases of thinness and low weight, an excellent general tonic containing a large range of vitamins and minerals.

– Liver viruses

Honey is used for the treatment of viral hepatitis and that is considered one of its most important therapeutic advantages.

– Skin infections

If a member of your family has an infection or ulcers in the skin, honey can heal that efficiently.

– Stimulates the immune system

Honey activates the immune system and strengthens it to fight virulent viral diseases, especially HIV.

– Strengthening and tonic

For men, if you have problems related to your marital life, do not look for sexual tonics that cause damage to the heart and blood pressure, now you can rely on the right honey, which is one of the most powerful natural sex stimulants.

This kind of honey Improves sex performance and strengthens the erection and improves the quality of sperm.

– Moisturizer for skin and hair

Yemeni Dowan honey from Mawasem benefits the skin, it makes it moist and soft as silk.

A mask of honey weekly moisturizing your hair makes it smooth, shiny and saves you from the crust, dandruff, and falling.

– Natural antibiotic

Forget about Antibiotics with all its harmful side effects, bacterial infections in the throat, viscous, tonsils and lungs can now be treated with Yemeni Dowan honey from Mawasem because it stimulates the immune system to kill harmful bacteria.

– Strengthens the heart

Honey contains a high percentage of glucose that works to strengthen the heart muscle.

– Treatment of anemia

Honey treats anemia and raises the hemoglobin. It is not just a delicious, sweet but effective remedy.

– Blood pressure regulator

Yemeni Dowan honey from Mawasem helps you regulate your blood pressure.

– Useful for athletes

Young people who seek energy and vitality during exercise can depend on Yemeni Dowan honey from Mawasem as an excellent source of calories, vitamins, and protein that builds muscle naturally, a distinct alternative to energy drinks that scientific researches prove its serious health problem.

– Intestinal disinfectant

This honey is a gastrointestinal disinfectant that protects the stomach and intestines from disturbances, prevents diarrhea and treats intestinal influenza, it also treats gastric ulcers.

– Dental and bone health

Yemeni Dowan honey from Mawasem strengthens bones and teeth and benefits children in different stages of growth.

– Self-soothing

Yemeni Dowan honey addresses the psychological problems such as anxiety and tension, and gives you calm and psychological comfort, it is a natural sedative helps to cure insomnia and makes you sleep quickly.

– Sugar regulator

Yemeni Dowan honey from Mawasem helps regulate sugar in the blood, so it can be used to sweeten the drinks safely.

– Treatment for uncontrolled urination

The problem of uncontrollable urination can be handled by taking regularly Yemeni Dowan honey

– Prevention of cancer

The high antioxidant ratio in this honey makes it a powerful way to prevent cancer, as it stops the growth of abnormal cells.

– Lowers cholesterol

Taking Yemeni Dowan honey helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the body.

– Strengthens memory

If you forget frequently, do not look too much for medicines and vitamins, just take Yemeni Dowan honey fro Mawasem that energizes the brain and strengthens the memory.

– Food for pregnant women

Yemeni Dowan honey is an ideal food for pregnant women it gives them energy and vitality, in addition to it contains a large proportion of vitamins and minerals needed by pregnant women during pregnancy.

– For the elderly

– Yemeni Dowan honey works to strengthen nerves, especially for the elderly, it is easily digested food that benefits them healthily and psychologically.

– Against coughing

Treatment of chronic cough, asthma and chest allergies by taking regularly Yemeni Dowan honey

Recipes from Yemeni Dowan honey

Yemeni Dowan honey from Mawasem has multi-therapeutic and medical properties, making it ideal in many alternative medicine recipes, including:

After birth, three times a day honey can be taken to increase mother milk production to feed the baby healthy food rich in nutrients important for its growth.

Take a cup of milk with a tablespoon of Yemeni Dowan honey daily before bedtime to treat insomnia and tension.

If you add a teaspoon of honey to a cup of warm milk with a little fresh garlic, take this mixture daily for five consecutive days to get rid of the acidity of the stomach

The bad breath especially for smokers; two tablespoons of honey can be placed in a pot of boiling water and to inhale the steam, this method makes you get the same refreshing and eliminate sore throat at the same time.

– To treat colds and flu, it is recommended to take daily Yemeni Dowan honey on an empty stomach, and a steam session can be made of a little boiled water and two tablespoons of honey and two slices of onions, and to inhale the steam for the treatment of colds and sinus infections.

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