Sugary Date

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Mawasem offers you the best and most nutritious dates, the Sugary date which is one of the finest species in Saudi Arabia.

It is called the Sugary date because it tastes like sugar and its sweetness cannot be forgotten.

Sugary date is sweet and sugary whether it is moist or in its hard case, it is grown in the regions of Najd and Qassim, and it is one of the most widespread and consumed species in the Kingdom.

SizeMedium and elliptical shape and the fruit is swollen from the middle.
ColorThe color is light yellow, the funnel is dark yellow, and the sides tends to brown.
Nutritional valueThis date has a high nutritional value, it contains carbohydrates, water, fat, mineral salts, dietary fiber, vitamins, the most important of which are B1, B2, A, C.

In addition to sugars, fats, iron magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese and calcium.

TasteSweet and sugary taste
TextureVery soft with almost no crust
SourceIn Najd and Qassim


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famed for its palm trees, which produce the best dates in the world.

If you want healthy nourishment for your children with a sugar-like taste without artificial colors and preservatives which harm their health, here’s the sugary dates from Mawasem, a delicious and nutritious food loved by young children, it is soft easy to swallow just like candy, but natural from its original sources.

A delicious and distinctive type called the crown of dates because its shape resembles the crown, this type is 100% compatible with international specifications and the best types of is the Royal sugary large size.

The sugary date is high in nutritional value, which makes it a source of a large number of vitamins and minerals useful for adults and children.


Properties of Sugary date

Sugary date from Mawasem is one of the finest natural dates in the world, produced by Saudi Arabia from the best types of palms, and the most important characteristics are

Color: sugary date is light yellow with a brownish tint in the limbs and a distinguished by dark yellow funnel.

Taste: sugary date’s taste is similar to candy and sugar.

Textures: the sugary date has soft texture and shaped like crown, and a very thin crust is almost doesn’t exist, making it suitable for children and the elderly because it is easy to chew, swallow and digestion.

Storage: sugary date, needs to be stored away from sources of moisture and heat in a cool and dry place in order to retain its properties and not exposed to the adhesion of fruits.

The benefits of sugary date

Sugary date from Mawasem, a special kind of dates, accepted by everyone does not need to add honey and sugar to their food, and offers a range of benefits, the most important are:

Energy and activity.

Eating sugary date provides the body with the energy and vitality necessary to perform all-day work, as it contains a large percentage of sugars and vitamins that help to stimulate the body and blood circulation, as well as a large proportion of potassium, that works to convert sugars into energy.

– Calms the nervous system.

Eating sugary date regularly helps to calm the nervous system and get rid of anxiety and stress.

– Tonic for men.

Eating sugary date helps to strengthen the erection and treatment of ED problems due to its multivitamin and important minerals.

– Liver tonic.

Sugary date from Mawasem stimulates the liver to work efficiently.

– Treatment of dizziness.

Sugary date from Mawasem is useful in the treatment of dizziness and general weakness because it contains carotene.

– Useful for constipation.

Sugary date contains soluble fibers that help the digestive system to get rid of wastes, that treat constipation and reduce the complications of hemorrhoids.

– Treatment of anemia.

The problem of anemia can be treated by eating Sugary date because it contains vitamin C and high iron content, which together increase the rate of hemoglobin and treats anemia.

– Facilitates the natural giving birth

In the last months of pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to move to facilitate the process of natural birth. Research has proven that sugary date is one of the best nutritious foods for pregnant women. it also facilitates the contractility of the uterus and strengthens the muscles and ease giving birth naturally, moreover, it contains painkillers.

– Important for heart health.

It is useful to eat sugary date to keep the heart, veins and arteries healthy and protect them from diseases.

– Strengthens the vision.

Sugary date contains a high content of vitamin “A” which helps to strengthen the optic nerve and protect the eye from diseases, especially night blindness.

– Prevention of cancer

Sugary date from Mawasem works to break down cancer cells and prevent them from growing and spreading, because it has lots of antioxidants.

– Treatment of jaundice.

Sugary date from Mawasem helps in the treatment of “yellow” jaundice and protects the liver from viruses.

– Tonic for nails.

Nail health is every woman’s interest, taking sugary dates regularly works to strengthen the nails and prevent them from breakage, because it contains zinc and calcium,

– High calories.

Sugary date contains high calories, which are useful to compensate the body for the loss of sugars and liquids, especially during fasting, where the one date provides the body with almost 70 calories, and it doesn’t need sugar added

– Treatment of acidity.

We all suffer during the day from stomach acidity especially in Ramadan and after Iftar, eating sugary date from Mawasem helps to reduce the acidity of the stomach and protects against indigestion and reflux.

– Strengthens bones.

Sugary date strengthens bones and teeth because it contains a large proportion of calcium and phosphorus

– Benefits kidney and bladder.

Sugary date from Mawasem contains niacin, vitamin B complex, and potassium, which are important elements to activate the bladder and kidneys, maintain their health and treat stones and infections.

– Child nutrition.

Sugary date from Mawasem is the ideal food for young children, as it contains vitamins and minerals important to support their growth and protect them from anemia and address the general weakness, it is one of the best natural appetitive

Recipes of diabetic dates

Sugary date is a complete nutritious meal can be used in different ways, including:

– Add milk to sugary date with and take it daily treats the digestive system problems, especially constipation, acidity, indigestion and irritable bowel.

– Grounded dates and its seeds are used in the treatment of respiratory diseases, especially asthma and difficulty breathing.

– Sugary date can be taken with Arabic tea and coffee to neutralize the effect of caffeine and improve mood.

– Add sugary date for baked and baby foods raises their nutritious value and opens the appetite.

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