St. Catherine’s honey

St. Catherine’s honey is a natural product 100% of Mawasem with no preservatives or additives from Saint Catherine saplings amidst the pristine nature of the charming Sinai.

St. Catherine’s honey is characterized by the availability of medicinal and treatment properties, where the bees feed on the nectar of Sidr flowers that is known for its benefits to public health and immunity

Density Average
Colordark golden color
OdorStrong aromatic scent
TasteSweet and not sour.
ComponentIt contains Sugars, Vitamins and Minerals, Especially Magnesium And Iron, Proteins, Natural Hormones And Antioxidants that play a role in preventing cancer and strengthening immunity.
FlowerSidr Flower



St. Catherine’s honey by Mawasem is full of natural nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. taking this distinctive type of honey helps stimulate the body and circulatory system.

Bees produce this honey after feeding on the flowers of the Sidr plant before its maturity, Sidr honey is considered the best honey and the most useful honey.

It is also distinguished with its taste, flavor and rareness because it is not available throughout the year, because these trees bear its fruit with the monsoon rains, St. Catherine’s honey by Mawasem provides you with a healthy food rich in nutrients with a delicious taste that young people love.

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350 Gram, 700 Gram, 1050 Gram, 1400 Gram, 2800 Gram

Characteristics of St. Catherine’s Honey

St. Catherine’s honey by Mawasem is a food, medicine and natural sweetening with a variety of characteristics

Smell: It has the aromatic unique scent

Color: Dark golden color slightly.

The taste: St. Catherine’s honey tastes delicious, not sour, children love it and taste it, a spoonful between meals opens the appetite and strengthens the body better than colored candy.

Density: St. Catherine’s honey is characterized by its medium density and easy digestion, light on the stomach is ideal for children and the elderly.

This honey does not freeze if kept in the refrigerator and retains its original strength without forming lumps or granules of sugar.

Storage: Mawasem present you their products in sealed glass containers, that retains their chemical properties and characteristics for long periods. St. Catherine’s honey comes in elegant packaging that must be kept away from high sunlight and heat.

Benefits of St. Catherine’s honey

St. Catherine’s honey from Mawasem, has lots of benefits, the most important are

Treatment for Cancer

St. Catherine’s honey from Sidr plants helps to eliminate cancer cells and control their growth and spread, because it contains a large number of antioxidants that break down and destroy harmful cells.

Strengthens immunity

St. Catherine’s honey helps to strengthen the immune system and support it to fight infectious and diseases because it is rich with vitamin “C” that promotes health and protects the body from infection.

Nourishes skin

The vitamin C ratio in St. Catherine’s honey makes it excellent for nourishing and protecting the skin because it activates the collagen that is important to tighten, nourish and moisturize the skin, and eliminate the pills and pimples.

Eye health

St. Catherine’s honey is characterized by a large percentage of Carotenoids that is important to strengthen the eyes and protect it from white water and nighttime, especially as it is rich in vitamin A.

Strengthens the heart and protects it

St. Catherine’s honey works to control blood cholesterol and protects the body from triglyceride, which helps maintain the health of the heart and prevents strokes and heart attacks and works to control high blood pressure.

Regulation of sugar

St. Catherine’s honey has a great role in regulating glucose, which makes it an effective treatment for diabetes.

Tonic for the body

St. Catherine’s honey helps revitalize the body’s circulatory system and gives the body energy to do the work.

Treatment of anemia

St. Catherine’s honey is rich with Vitamin C, which stimulates the absorption of iron in the body, that increases the number of red blood cells, and compensates bleeding, it also increases blood flow to all parts of the body and protects against anemia.

Important for stomach

Taking St. Catherine’s honey from Mawasem treats stomach disorders, improves digestion and treats diarrhea and constipation.

Stimulates birth

Taking St. Catherine’s honey by the pregnant women regularly during the ninth month, assure natural delivery, as it helps to contract the uterus muscles and help to give birth easily.

Food for pregnant women

A perfect food for the pregnant women during the first months of pregnancy because it contains the folic acid necessary to feed the pregnant and fetus and protect it from deformities, on condition with no excessive.

Sex life

St Catherine’s honey has proven to be effective in treating sexual problems. Eating it regularly helps to stimulate the movement of sperm, increase its number and improve its quality, protect the testicles from diseases and treat erectile dysfunction because it contains a large percentage of vitamin B complex.

Nutritive for children

St Catherine’s honey is a general tonic for young children aged 18 months, which protects young children from diseases and raises their immunity.

The child takes a teaspoon a day of this honey, which provides a large number of vitamins and minerals necessary for its growth properly.

For hair care

St. Catherine’s honey by Mawasem is in natural recipes nourishes hair and treats the problem of bombardment and fall and makes it shiny and strong because it contains natural nutrients that stimulate the growth of hair and also components against the bacteria that treat the crust.

Antiseptic mouth

St. Catherine ‘s honey is a powerful antiseptic for the mouth and gums and maintains healthy teeth.

Skin whitening

St. Catherine’s Honey can be used in skin whitening recipes and cure for spots, freckles and sunburn to make your skin bright and clean.

Brain Health

This honey is useful in stimulating the brain, strengthening intellectual and mental abilities, and boost memory.

Recipes from St. Catherine’s Honey

Having St. Catherine’s Honey by Mawasem is something rare and not repeated, you should look for the best ways to use it and maximize its benefits, here we offer you some recipes to use:

– Put a tablespoon of St. Catherine’s honey on a glass of water and take it daily on an empty stomach and before sleep, that activates the body and strengthens the immunity and prevents insomnia and can be taken without adding water.

– For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, an equal amount of St. Catherine’s honey is mixed with linseed, olive oil and Korean red ginseng from Mawasem, and a tablespoon of this mixture is to be taken daily.

– For the treatment of pills, burns and pimples, mix a tablespoon of honey with a spoon of cinnamon powder to form a soft paste placed on the place of injury.

– The pain of the menstrual cycle can be relieved by adding a tablespoon of St. Catherine’s honey to natural juice or warm milk.

– All members of the family can benefit from St. Catherine’s honey by add it to food as a natural sweetener that gives it a unique flavor and lovely taste in addition to its various benefits to health.

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