Sidr Socotra Honey

Socotra island at Yemen is one of the most famous places in Yemen for the production of honey bee, located in the Indian Ocean off the Gulf of Aden, and is characterized by pure nature away from any source of pollution, where are millions of medicinal trees and aromatic rare plants presence, in this place bees feed on these plants to produce the finest and purest types of natural honey

From this island Mawasem brings to you the best and the rarest kinds of honey in the world, it is honey Sidr Socotra Honey, this unique honey with high nutritional value where bees feed on the most powerful Sidr plant in the world to come out with that medical honey specialized for the treatment of many diseases.

DensityHigh density
ColorDark Brown
OdorStrong and aromatic scent
TasteSweet sugary and not pungent
ComponentsVarious sugars are mostly fructose, glucose and a low percentage of sucrose.

Organic and organic acids, enzymes and organic salts, vitamins and minerals, pollen grains and percentage of royal jelly and folic acid

FlowerSocotra sidr plants



The Yemeni island of Socotra contains a strong and dense vegetation cover of a variety of medicinal and aromatic plants, which are rare and diverse, and reach more than 850 species of plants that grow only on this island where bees feed on them, the most important is the Sidr plant, which is described as the most famous plants due to its great benefits which grows in the rain monsoon.

French researcher “Camellia Sergan”, who lives on this island and had many researches on this regard said that the Sidr Socotra Honey characterized by strong taste and aromatic smell and rare benefits only exist in this honey, and mentiones that exporting this honey was stopped to other countries in Yemen and only was directly go from the island to France.

If you are looking for rare and distinctive honey, multi-interest and high nutritional value and cure for the difficult and intractable diseases, Mawasem provides you Sidr Socotra Honey, the strongest types of Sidr honey in the world.

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Characterizes & Benefits


250 Gram, 500 Gram, 1000 Gram

Characteristics of Sidr Socotra Honey

Sidr Socotra Honey from Mawasem is distinguished more than any other types of honey, try it once and you would ask for it by name, the most important characteristics are:

Odor: Sidr Socotra Honey is unique with its strong odor and its effect, it is the smell of Sidr plant, where bees feed on this plant to produce pure honey without additives or industrial feed.

Color: Dark brown

Taste: Sidr Socotra Honey is a delicious food sugary with no pungent taste. It is accepted by adults and children, especially since it is easy to digest and does not stay in the stomach for a long time, so it is digested quickly.

Density: Sidr honey is characterized by high density.

Storage: Sidr Socotra Honey from Mawasem comes to you in sealed glassware that can be stored in the refrigerator, because it does not crystallize quickly and is not affected by the cold. It keeps its natural properties for a long period of up to two years and it keeps its natural structure for long periods without being damaged.

The benefits of Sidr Socotra Honey:

If you are a person who appreciates the best of nature you will choose to acquire and experience Sidr Socotra Honey, it is delicious food with high nutritional value, a treatment for a large number of difficult diseases away from chemical drugs side effects, and the most important benefits of this distinctive honey:

– Strengthening the immune system

Sidr Socotra Honey works to stimulate and strengthen the immune system and protect it from disease, it contains the strongest antioxidants as scientifically proven the existence of the substance “prostaglandin” beneficial to the body and immunity.

– Treatment of worms

The presence of worms in the stomach is a problem that appears in adults and children and affects the public health and causes unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting, stomach pain, lack of appetite, wasting and general weakness, and the most famous so-called stomach germ, and taking Sidr Socotra Honey kills these worms and eliminate and purify the digestive system.

– Kidney disease

Suffering from kidney diseases, such as kidney stones, renal failure, and excess salts can be treated with Sidr Socotra Honey, which activates the kidneys and improves their performance.

– Esophageal reflux

This problem affects young children and the elderly as well, where the muscles of the esophagus are weak that allows the exit of the digested juices, and the patient suffers from vomiting, especially during sleep suddenly, with constant nausea. do not worry! all of these annoying symptoms can be easily controlled by Sidr Socotra Honey from Mawasem, it acts as a calming factor for the colon and prevents Esophageal reflux.

– The health of the digestive system

It is an excellent antiseptic disinfectant against amoeba and parasites, protects against contractions, treats colic and vomiting and calms stomach and colon cramps.

– Important for men’s health

Sidr Socotra Honey is famous in Yemen for its amazing ability to strengthen the sexual ability of men. It is a powerful sexual tonic that works to strengthen erections and treat sperm’s deformation and increase its number and enhance its activity and movement. Its effectiveness has been proved in helping reproduction and treatment of infertility.

– Addressing incurable diseases

Sidr Socotra Honey is used in the treatment of difficult and intractable diseases, especially malaria and typhoid, which has no preventive vaccine or cure so far. Eating this honey treats and relieves their symptoms.

– Skin diseases

In case of difficult skin problems it has been proven that the use of Sidr Socotra Honey as a palm for the affected areas of the skin helps in the healing hard wounds, skin sores, eczema, psoriasis, pills, boils and herpes, and works to remove the scars and return the skin to the wet natural look, as it contains a large proportion of vitamin “B3” and vitamin “E”.

– Useful for pregnant women

During pregnancy, women need a double feeding without gaining more weight Sidr Socotra Honey gives them vitamins and minerals, especially folic acid, which is important for the fetus, without additional calories, moreover taking this honey regularly in the last months helps the uterus to shrink and ease giving birth naturally.

– Important for diabetics

This honey contains the lowest proportion of glucose, it is the chance to the patient to eat without concern, it contains fructose and substances similar to insulin, which makes it excellent for regulating blood sugar.

– Liver diseases

Sidr Socotra Honey activates the liver, improves its work and treats its deadly viruses.

– Treatment of anemia

Sidr Socotra Honey helps to raise the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood and thus treat malignant anemia because it contains a large percentage of folic acid.

– Psychological diseases

Sidr Socotra Honey is used in the treatment of mental illness because it calms the nerves, stop taking sedative drugs that cause harmful side effects and addiction, and eat Sidr Socotra Honey from Mawasem every day it calms the nerves and prevent you from anxiety and tension and addresses the problems of insomnia

– Moisturizer for the skin

If you are looking for a natural moisturizer for dry skin, depend on Sidr Socotra Honey from Mawasem to prepare natural face masks that nourish the skin, it moisturizes and protects against dehydration, bad weather, and wrinkles.

– Hair loss

The problem of hair loss does not only need a topical treatment, but it needs a treatment that improves the overall health to end it forever

Use of Sidar honey as a weekly massage on scalp and hair prevents its fall and strengthens the follicles, besides using it regularly strengthens the body in general because it contains multiple vitamins and minerals.

– Tonic for the body

Sidr Socotra Honey helps to revitalize the body and circulatory system and give the body vitality and activity in a noticed way

– Constipation

If you suffer from chronic constipation, add Sidr Socotra Honey to your diet, because it regulates digestion, constipation and helps the intestines to get rid of toxins and waste.

– Strengthening vision

This rare honey is recommended by ophthalmologists because it protects the eyes from conjunctivitis and cornea, prevents dry eyes, prevents night blindness and strengthens vision because it contains the largest proportion of vitamin A.

– Mouth and teeth

Sidr Socotra Honey has fluorine of its component, and it is used regularly to treat infections, mouth ulcers, gums, tongue, herpes, and to heel dry lips with cracks and turn them to become soft and pink.

– Heart health

Sidr Socotra Honey from Mawasem contains glucose, which is important for nourishing the heart muscle. It strengthens the heart, treats its diseases and protects against strokes.

– Headache

Sidr Socotra Honey from Mawasem is the best treatment for headache caused by daily stress, stop taking analgesics that harm the kidneys and take this honey, which contains vitamin A, the best medication for a headache.

Recipes of Sidr Socotra Honey:

This honey proves its effectiveness and its ability to treat diseases and the most important recipes that enhance its benefits:

– To activate the body, take a tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach daily.

– For the treatment of incontinence and urination, drink a cup of water with a spoon full of Sidr Socotra Honey.

– Take three tablespoons a day to treat anemia and increase the number of red blood cells.

– To treat insomnia and lack of sleep, drink a cup of warm milk with a spoon of Sidr Socotra Honey daily before bedtime.

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