Sidr Oasis honey

Sidr Oasis honey is a 100% natural product from Mawasem, from our bees farms in the Egyptian oasis in the west desert where pure and unspoiled nature.

Bees feed on the nectar of the flowers of the Sidr trees to produce this rare honey which is distinctive in its benefits and characteristics, one of the finest honeys in Egypt.

DensityAverage density
ColorDistinguished burgundy
OdorThe strong smell of sidr plant
Tastesweet taste and not pungent
ComponentsSugars, vitamins and various minerals including: vitamin A, B complex, e, folic acid, iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium and other vitamins necessary for the body.
FlowerFlowers of the Egyptian Sidr plant in the mountains of the New Valley.



Sidr honey from Mawasem is a natural product produced by bees, which feed on the flowers of Sidr mountain plant, this plant blooms automatically in the mountains of oases in the Western Desert of Egypt, where the evergreen perennial Sidr tree withstands the hot weather and difficult climatic conditions.

Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem is characterized by a large number of medical and therapeutic features besides it has a delicious taste loved by adults and children.

Sidr honey from Mawasem is the choice of a person who appreciates the rare and distinct types of honey, it is truly a different product rather than the other types of honey, it contains a large number of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, that make it a medication for many diseases

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Characterizes & Benefits


350 Gram, 700 Gram, 1050 Gram, 1400 Gram, 2800 Gram

Properties of Sidr Oasis honey

Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem is characterized by a number of features and characteristics that make it different from any other types of honey, the most important:

Smell: Sidr Oasis honey is characterized by the strong smell of Sidr plant

Color: It has a dark burgundy color.

Density: medium density.

It also does not crystallize quickly as it retains its natural properties for long periods.

Storage: Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem is stored in a safe and specially equipped glassware so that it retains the original taste and texture for long time, and it is not kept in metal utensils, preferably save it away from sunlight.


The benefits of Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem:

When you buy Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem, you guarantee yourself and your family a wide range of health benefits, the most important of which are:

Beneficial to the immune system.

The health of the immune system is one of the most important things that mothers care about, and their choice of Sidr honey from Mawasem works to strengthen the immune system for the whole family.

Useful for the kidneys.

The presence of kidney and bladder stones is an annoying and painful issue, but these stones can be broken up easily by eating Sidr honey.

Infertility and reproduction.

Sidr honey is a wonderful sexual tonic that treats ED problems and works to control body hormones.

Skin and hair.

Your skin reflects your beauty, you can rely on Sidr honey from Mawasem to maintain and prevent your skin against wrinkles and symptoms of aging. It activates natural collagen and renews skin cells

If you have a problem with oily skin and all its annoying symptoms, you can use Sidr honey to help the skin to get rid of the excess fat and oils, and to moisturize it and leave it soft and supple.

Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem helps to treat skin infections and protects against allergies.

Your hair is the title of your beauty, damaged and falling hair causes anxiety and tension, Sidr Oasis honey helps you to get healthy and shiny hair.

If your hair is oily, Mawasem offers you the miracle of Sidr Oasis honey, which contains antioxidants and vitamins that reduce the hair fats by using it as a direct mask on the hair, after mixing two tablespoons of it with a glass of warm water and leave on the hair for an hour and then rinse the hair with water and shampoo.

blood pressure.

Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem is an effective treatment for high blood pressure its effect outweighs the effect of hibiscus, dom and other natural herbs used to lower the blood pressure.

Respiratory system.

If you have a sore throat or any respiratory-related disease, Sidr honey is an ideal treatment for coughing, mucus, asthma and lung infections.


Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem helps in the treatment of bone, muscle and rheumatic pain.


You can buy Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem to ensure having a remedy for stomach problems for the whole family, it is an excellent laxative that eliminates constipation, relieves irritable bowel pain, regulates the work of the stomach and intestines.

Useful for pregnant.

Pregnant women need optimal nutrition during pregnancy. Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem is one of the best foods at this period. It contains folic acid that is necessary to protect the fetus from abnormalities. therefore, it should be taken during the first months of pregnancy to promote the construction of red blood cells, and helps in reducing blood pressure, which protects the pregnant woman from pre-eclampsia in her last months.

Cancer prevention.

Cancer, the specter that everyone fears, can be prevented by taking Sidr Oasis honey regularly. It contains antioxidants that prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading.

Sidr honey is a loyal friend to the patient of cold and flu, it is rich in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and helps to quickly heal the infection.

Mouth protection.

Protecting your mouth, gums, and teeth has become an easy thing by eating Sidr Oasis honey or use it as a mouthwash.

Useful for eyes.

Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem is the best for eye health as it contains a group of carotenoids that protect the eyes and retina from damage and help to strengthen the vision.

Cardiovascular disease.

Mawasem keens on the health of the elderly and offers them honey Sidr, which works to reduce blood cholesterol, reduces triglycerides and protects against strokes, cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

It also helps blood flow, so it protects against clots.

For infertility and procreation.

Menstrual disorders and irregularity cause delayed pregnancy, taking Sidr Oasis honey helps to regulate ovulation and works on the occurrence of pregnancy.

Other benefits.

Sidr Oasis honey regulates blood sugar.

Sleep problems, insomnia and stress can all be eliminated by taking regularly Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem.

Anemia patients can benefit from taking Sidr honey. It contains vitamin C, which supports iron absorption in the body.

Sidr Oasis honey is a general tonic that treats lethargy and fatigue.

Sidr Oasis honey is an excellent brain tonic that protects against memory and Alzheimer’s disorders.

Recipes of Sidr Oasis honey

For the treatment of acne pills, mix two tablespoons of honey with a spoon of cinnamon powder, then put the mixture on the skin at night and leave it for the morning, then rinse the skin with warm water, and repeat the recipe daily for two weeks.

ED can be treated by mixing a little pure olive oil with two tablespoons of ground cumin, one teaspoon of ginseng and two tablespoons of Sidr Oasis honey and take it daily.

A mixture of one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of honey and a glass of warm water is used to treat the cough, drink the mixture daily until improvement.

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