Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly; a sticky gel made by bees to nourish the queen, that why it is known as royal food, it is presented to you by Mawasem fresh and natural from our herds, this miraculous substance is recognized for its unique therapeutic properties of human and known as the eternal elixir of youth.

The young workers, who are not older than four weeks, produce this substance through a very complex process inside their bodies, where the pollen is refined with honey to remove this substance from the pharyngeal glands in the front of the head.

Eating royal food activates the body and protects against diseases and strengthens the immune system and addresses a large number of diseases, it is food and medicine at the same time.

DensityHighly viscous gel material.
ColorThe color of white queens turns with time to yellow.
OdorThe aroma of Royal Jelly is characteristic.
TasteEnjoy a sour acidic taste.
ComponentsRoyal Jelly is made up of lots of compounds, mainly glucose, fructose, phosphate, and 17 types of amino acids, the most important of which are Lysine and Glutamate, Vitamins A, D, C, B complex, Pantothenic Acid, Proteins and Fats, Including Iron and Folic Acid.
SourceRoyal Jelly food is produced by bees from the pharyngeal glands in the front of her head.



Royal Jelly by Mawasem is produced by the workers, the bee is depending on it to feed and grow, and after its benefits and high nutritional value are confirmed by Mawasem, its presented to you for your health.

Royal Jelly By Mawasem is characterized by delicious taste, as it is beneficial for all body organs and nourishing, contains lots of Vitamins, Minerals, Acids and Antioxidants, it is tonic and strengthens the body, opens the appetite, tonics glands, treats thinness and protects the heart from diseases, it is really the food of kings and queens.

Your choice of Royal Jelly from Mawasem is an interesting and exciting experience for a miracle product by Mawasem.

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Characteristics of Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is one of the seasons of a distinctive and unique product, which enjoys purity and high quality, characterized by a large number of characteristics distinguish it from other products,

Smell: It has a strong and strong smell.

Color: The color of the Royal Jelly is white and changes to yellow with time.

Density: Royal Jelly is a sticky gel.

Taste: Acrid acid taste, added to honey to get honey saturated with Royal Jelly with a delicious taste wonderful.

Storage: The Royal Jelly provided by seasons in sealed glass containers must be kept away from heat and humidity in a dry place. Do not store in the refrigerator to avoid freezing. It can be stored for five months at normal room temperature.

Benefits of Royal Jelly

Adjust Sugar level

Taking Royal Jelly helps to regulate blood sugar, activates the pancreas and protects the body from complications of diabetes.

Reduce the symptoms of menopause

Royal Jelly are prescribed for women in the menopause phase to reduce annoying symptoms during this period, especially depression and hot flashes.

Reduce the side effects of Cancer treatment

Chemotherapy for cancer causes severe symptoms, fatigue and exhaustion, and Taking Royal Jelly in coupling with these medications helps greatly to increase the ability and resistance to these side effects and reduces mucosal infections.

Treatment of premenstrual symptoms

Taking Royal Jelly helps to treat the symptoms that occur to girls before menstruation from pain, cramps and negative psychological feelings.

Strengthens immunity

Take care to take Royal Jelly to activate the immune system and strengthen it to fight infectious diseases.

Orthopedic health

Royal Jelly helps to strengthen bones and treat rheumatic diseases, as well as reduce the pain of bones and joints and inflammation, because it contains a high proportion of vitamin D.

Important for skin

Royal Jelly nourishes and protects the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines it also stops the signs of aging, by renewing skin cells and accelerate their growth.

Protection from Tumors

Taking Royal Jelly regularly helps to prevent cancerous tumors because of its antioxidant and strong Amino Acids.

Treatment of Anemia

Royal Jelly increases the number of red blood cells and increases hemoglobin in the blood, which make it a distinct food for anyone suffering from anemia.

Brain activation

Royal Jelly by Mawasem is the best for activating brain cells and treating forgetfulness and problems of concentration and perception, because it contains an acetylcholine that helps stimulate brain cells and strengthen memory and prevent Alzheimer’s.

Strong tonic for men

Men are advised to take Royal Jelly to treat various sexual problems, especially the abnormalities of sperm and insufficiency of its number, and also treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and prostate infections.

Useful for women’s fertility

Royal Jelly controls the hormones and treats the irregular menstrual cycle, and also regulates the process of ovulation, which helps in pregnancy.

Treatment of Psychological problems

Taking Royal Jelly is effective in the treatment of anxiety and tension and depression and reduce symptoms of stress.

Control of high blood pressure

Relying on Royal Jelly in nutrition helps to expand the veins and arteries, which works to lower high blood pressure.

Important for heart health

The Royal Jelly of Mawasem helps to protect the heart from diseases and strengthens the heart muscle and reddening the arteries of diseases, because it helps to reduce the proportion of Cholesterol in the blood.

Useful for the elderly

Royal Jelly works to protect the elderly from depression, anxiety and hallucinations that happens to them without clear reasons, working on their psychological comfort and helping them to sleep comfortably without insomnia.

Treatment of kidney and bladder diseases

Royal Jelly is a strong diuretic, relieving the kidneys and bladder of excess salts and gallstones.

Aperitif and general tonic

The Royal Jelly diet contains a large proportion of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids, so it provides an excellent appetite and general tonic protects against weakness and wasting and treats thinness.

Masks for skin and hair

Royal Jelly can be used in skin and hair care recipes. It helps to moisturize the skin and hair, soften them and treat all problems of dryness, cracking and falling.


Taking Royal Jelly helps treat acidity, stomach ulcers and duodenum, improves digestion and prevents nausea and vomiting.

Liver diseases

Scientific research has proven the importance of Royal Food in protecting the liver and its tissues from diseases, toxins and viruses.

Dispose of excess weight

Royal Food is one of the most useful foods during dieting, it improves digestion and metabolism in the body, helps produce proteins that help lose weight, and contains lecithin, which reduces cholesterol and triglycerides.

Benefits of Royal Jelly with honey:

The Royal Jelly is added to natural honey to obtain a special magic mixture that has a great number of benefits to the body where honey becomes saturated with Royal Jelly which increases its value

Recipes of royal jelly

Taking the honey mixture with Royal Jelly twice a day for two months increases the body’s ability to resist the stress caused by chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Taking the honey with Royal Jelly is helpful in treating menopause symptoms if taken once daily for four weeks.

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