Royal Jelly Farms

Royal jelly or royal food, served by Mawasem for her customers fresh and natural, this gummy substance produced by the workers to feed the queen in its larvae is known for its unique therapeutic properties of man, and known as the eternal Eksir.

The young workers produce this substance through a very complex process inside their bodies, it works on refining the pollen with honey to produce the royal jelly from the front of the head, specifically the pharyngeal glands.

If the female workers eat this food, they have an ovary that produces at least 2000 eggs to compensate for the rapid loss of female workers.

DensitySticky gel material
ColorWhite substance turns with time to yellow
OdorA distinguished pungent odor
TasteIt tastes sour
ComponentsRoyal jelly is made up of many components, mainly glucose, fructose, phosphate, lysine and glutamic acid, vitamins A, D, C, B complex, pantothenic acid, proteins and fats.
SourceRoyal food is produced by bees from the pharyngeal glands in the front of her head.



Royal Jelly Farms by Mawasem, the Queen’s main food, is produced by the workers especially for the Queen, gathered and presented by Mawasem only for you after the certainty of its health and medical benefits, it is really the food of kings and queens.

Nutritious and nourishing food contains an infinite number of vitamins and ingredients useful for the body, it is a tonic that strengthens the body, anabolic, improves the performance of the glands and controls hormones, treats thinness and protects the heart and maintain public health.

You can experience this royal food from the Mawasem; which full of special natural goods.

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Benefits of Royal Jelly Farms

Strengthen your immune system

Producing the royal jelly from the pollen makes it ideal for strengthening the immune system and protecting the body from diseases.

Treatment of rheumatic diseases

Royal jelly strengthens bones, treats rheumatic diseases, relieves pain and treats inflammation of the bones and joints as It contains a high proportion of vitamin D.

Cancer protection

Royal jelly contains antioxidants and amino acids which are very important to prevent cancer.

Treatment of anemia

Royal jelly helps to treat anemia by increasing the number of red blood cells and increasing hemoglobin in the blood.

Strengthen memory

If you suffer from constant forgetfulness, the Royal Jelly Farms from Mawasem is the best to treat this problem because it contains acetylcholine which helps to stimulate brain cells and strengthen memory.

Increase fertility

Royal jelly is described for men and women; as It helps to increase fertility by activating the glands and controlling the hormones of the body, it increases the number of sperm and strengthen the erection and treat the speed of ejaculation and inflammation of the prostate, and for women; Royal jelly regulates the process of ovulation and addresses the problem of delayed puberty and accelerate sexual maturity.

Improve mental state

The problem of anxiety, and depression can be treated without drug tranquilizers by taking royal jelly regularly.

Reduce blood pressure

Royal jelly helps to reduce high blood pressure, and its components expand the arteries and blood vessels.

Protect the heart from diseases

Taking care of getting royal jelly protects the heart from hardening of the arteries and shortness because it works to reduce the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

Necessary for the elderly

Older people suffer from depression and recurring psychological problems may even break down, and taking royal jelly protects them from these problems and works to calm them down and help them to sleep.

Treats the dry mouth and skin

For whom who has a problem with dry lips in addition to its ability to moisturize the skin.

Useful for both kidneys

It is known that kidney treatment depends on the elimination of body toxins and excess salts composed of stones through the urine. therefore, royal jelly is an ideal solution to this problem as it is a natural diuretic, which protects the kidneys from the stones and excess salts.

Treatment of poor growth

Royal jelly helps to treat the problems of delay and weakness of growth, which is considered a useful general strengthening.

To protect against infection

One of the important acids contained in the royal jelly is; Dysunic acid that kills harmful bacteria and microbes and protects the body from infectious diseases.

Gastric diseases

Royal jelly helps in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers and treats acidity and GERD.

Nervous system Diseases

It helps cure diseases of the nervous system, especially MS.

Benefits of royal jelly with honey

You can add more benefits to royal jelly if you mix it with Mawasem honey to absorb it, and it will be rich in many vitamins and minerals. The most important benefits of this magical combination are: –

– Activates the body and circulatory system.

– Eliminates tiredness feeling and exhaustion.

– Extends the body energy and vitality.

– Honey mixed with royal jelly is the best food for athletes gives them great energy.

– An excellent food supplement that stimulates the mind and strengthens concentration.

– Sexual tonic for men treats erectile dysfunction and rapid ejaculation.

– A tonic for ovulation in women treats infertility.

– Eating honey, which is saturated with royal jelly, protects against diseases, strengthens the immune system and activates the body

Recipes of Royal Jelly Farms

Experts advise taking one tablespoon twice a day with a glass of lukewarm water. Do not use hot or cold water and it should be on an empty stomach or before meals to help open the appetite.


Royal Jelly Farms of Mawasem, a useful natural product but advised not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women and children less than two years.

– Asthma patients are prevented from taking royal jelly to protect against complications.

– The dose of royal jelly should not exceed 3 g daily so as not to increase the heartbeat.

– Royal jelly contains lots of vitamins and natural hormones, so it should not over-eat and adhere to the doses allowed.

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