Nawara Clover Honey

Natural bee honey 100%, a product made from our Sweet clover, El Hijazy and other clovers, containing the highest proportion of nectar with no industrial nutrients or preservatives added

It is characterized by a wonderful flavor that is one of the most popular flavors in the world.


DensityAverage density
ColorLight yellow is near to buff
OdorThe smell of sweet honey
TasteThe taste of quiet sugar
ComponentsIt contains Sugar, High Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Zinc and Beta-Carotene, as well as multiple vitamins, including A, C and E.
FlowerFlowers of Sweet Nawara Clover




Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem is one of the best types of honey, It is produced from clover flowers, which are characterized by a very high percentage of nectar.

Honey is collected in agriculture’s season of the clover during the month of May and June

when you choose Clover Honey by Mawasem you choose a meal full of food for you and your family, this type of honey is characterized by high nutritional value and contains high proportions of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

You can take Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem for better health, it contains Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A, which is important for eye health.

For elderly, Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem is considered the best choice for them as it provides them with energy and vitality.

Benefits of Nawara Clover Honey

You may be surprised if you know that Clover plant is useful to humans especially for the elderly, as it contains a large number of Vitamins And Minerals important for health, so Mawasem offers you Nawara Clover Honey with all these benefits and advantages in the form of honey with sweet taste, that treats and heals a large number of diseases.

If your parents or any of your relatives are elderly, be sure to take Nawara Clover Honey as a healthy food that enhances its immunity and strengthens it. Honey clover by Mawasem is a perfect gift for the elderly.

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Characterizes & Benefits


2800 Gram

Characterizes of Nawara Clover Honey

Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem is one of the most common types of honey, which is characterized by high nutritional value.

Color: Features a golden yellow color near to buff.

Odor: The aroma of honey that is non-permeable and contains volatile oils.

Taste: It is distinguished with a lovely taste that is not pungent

Density: it is high-density Honey does not crystallize, it keeps all its natural properties for a long time.

Storage: Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem is stored in a sealed glass container that does not interact with honey and does not change its natural ingredients or properties. It is recommended to be stored at room temperature away from sunlight.

The most important benefits of Nawara Clover Honey

Cardiovascular disease.

Nawara Clover Honey contains Flavonoids, which are known as powerful antioxidants, that protect from cardiovascular disease.

For kids.

Nawara Clover Honey is very useful for young children, providing them with energy and vitality necessary for daily activity and giving them the necessary daily sugars required for mental and physical exertion.

It also helps to protect children from bone marrow disease. It contains a high Calcium content that makes it useful for your child during teething and growth, it is an ideal solution to the problem of bedwetting in children.

Protection against infection.

Do you need a natural antibiotic for microbes and Germs?

Nawara Clover Honey is one of the best natural antibiotics that protects against colds and flu and fights microbes, bacteria and viruses.

Taking this special honey makes your body cells produce natural disinfectants that reduce inflammation.

Cancer prevention.

Of course, everyone dreams of natural food to prevent serious cancer. Nawara Clover Honey is an ideal choice for this purpose. It contains a high percentage of unique antioxidants that prevent the growth of cancer cells, especially stomach, colon, esophageal and oral cancer.

For women

Every woman dreams of regulating her hormones with no need to resort to hormonal drugs and treatments, here is the solution in a spoon of Nawara Clover Honey that contains Estrogen and Progesterone. So, it is useful for women in the menopause stage to regulate the work of hormones and relieve the unpleasant symptoms associated with this period.

Respiratory system.

As for asthma, cough, respiratory and bronchial infections, regular intake of Nawara Clover Honey helps to heal, soothe coughs and expel mucus easily.

Skin diseases.

When you prepare your travel bag putting the necessary preparations to prevent you from sun burning, do not forget to put a pack of Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem, Dermatologists have confirmed that it is an effective treatment for skin infections, irritations and burns caused by exposure to sunlight.

This honey has a major role in preventing the skin of many diseases especially Eczema, Psoriasis and infectious pimples, it can be used in cosmetic recipes to get a smooth skin free from stains and wrinkles.

Digestive System

Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem treats all gastrointestinal problems and stomach, heals diarrhea, and protects the gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Liver infections can be alleviated by taking Nawara Clover Honey, it also helps to crumble gallstones


If you know someone who complains of weak body, wasting and anemia, advise him to take Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem immediately, which works to raise Hemoglobin in the blood and quickly get rid of Anemia, and treats thinness.

For men.

For men only… If you are looking for a general tonic treats erectile dysfunction and infertility and sperm weakness, do not hesitate to eat pure Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem, it is a distinct food and medicine.

For Pregnant women

Your pregnant friend, who is concerned about pre-eclampsia, can take Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem during the last months of pregnancy, after childbirth, it is an ideal food that helps her to recover her health, it also increases milk production during lactation period and protects against breast cancer.

If the pregnant woman suffers from dizziness, vomiting and acidity constantly, Nawara Clover Honey is able to treat and calm these symptoms.

Respiratory system.

Nawara Clover Honey is important for the treatment of pneumonia and all respiratory diseases

Smokers; you can rely on Nawara Clover Honey to get rid of mucus and clean the lungs.


If you have diabetes, you can take Nawara Clover Honey regularly because it contains a small percentage of sucrose, it also provides your body with energy and keeps the sugar at normal limits, on condition that does not exceed three teaspoons daily


It is useful in the treatment of urinary tract infections and helps in the elimination of kidney stones and ureters, cause of its diuretic properties

In Addition to

Treatment of oral and gum infections.

It helps to get rid of annoying stomach gases.

It has low calories, making it ideal for diet nutrition to get rid of excess weight.

It provides the body with energy and vitality and activates blood circulation for adults and children, as it contains a large proportion of proteins.

Other benefits.

This multi-benefit honey helps to relieve anxiety and tension and helps to sleep comfortably without insomnia.

Ophthalmologists recommend using Nawara Clover Honey, as it contains a large percentage of vitamin A, so it works to strengthen vision and prevention of night blindness and addresses eye dryness and inflammation.


Recipes from Nawara Clover Honey

For slimming, add one teaspoon from Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem to one teaspoon of cinnamon on a glass of warm water and take the mixture 3 times a day before eating, as it burns fat.

– Take a mixture of a spoon of Nawara Clover Honey with lemon juice daily, it strengthens the immune system and protects against the incidence of colds and viral diseases.

–  Nawara Clover Honey by Mawasem, can be used as a mask and nourishment for the skin and is used as a cream for the treatment of burns and skin ulcers.

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