Medjool Date

Medjool date is a new addition from Mawasem, we offer our customers a healthy and delicious food during the holy month of Ramadan, this date is characterized by its red and yellow color and distinctive sweet taste of soft fruit.

Medjool dates are produced from a palm tree of the same name and is known for its abundant crops, and due to the sweetness of these dates it is also so-called “King of dates”.

SizeThe Medjool date is rectangular in shape, 3 to 7 cm wide.
Colorcolor ranges from red to yellow and orange-red.
Nutritional value


It is characterized by high nutritive value as it contains fruit sugar, carbohydrates, soluble fiber, proteins, potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese, iron and vitamin B6, antioxidants and folic acid.
TasteStrong taste, sweet sugar and delicious.
TextureSoft texture with crimped look
SourceMedjool palm


Medjool palm trees produce the finest types of dates, a large-size and soft-touch date with red or orange special color, it has distinctive flavor sugary and delicious taste with soft texture makes it truly the king of dates.

This delicious date is the right choice if you intend to buy a gift for relatives and friends when going to family gatherings and visits, it is a healthy and delicious alternative to sweets, nutritious dessert for adults and children

Mawasem offers you Medjool date in an elegant package ready to serve, it is a nutritious gift and a meal of medicine for a large number of diseases, that enhances energy and activates the body.

The best way to start your Ramadan Iftar is to alert your stomach after long hours of fasting according to the Sunnah.


Properties of Medjool date

Medjool date, the king of dates and the most prevalent species in the market, the favorite one for everyone for its sweetness and high nutritive value, the most important characteristics:

Color: the gradient colors between red, yellow and orange.

Taste: delicious and sugary taste as It has a distinctive flavor.

Textures: soft texture, it is an easy date in chewing and swallowing, useful for young children and the elderly because it is easy to digest.

Storage: Medjool date need to be stored away from sources of moisture and heat in a cool and dry place in order to retain its characteristics and not exposed to wetness and adhesion of fruits.

Benefits of Medjool date

Mawasem offers you the finest and the most luxurious types of dates in the Arab world, it has a large number of benefits, including:

Stomach and intestinal health

If you suffer from laziness of the stomach and chronic constipation, Medjool date is considered the best tonic for the stomach, as eating it during the Ramadan Iftar treats the problem of constipation and activates the intestine to expel waste.

– Useful for diabetics

Unlike some other dates, Medjool date has proven to be beneficial for diabetics, as it controls blood sugar levels.

– Memory tonic

Eating Medjool date can help stimulate memory and protect you from oblivion, it also improves cognitive levels and protecting against Alzheimer’s.

– Strengthens the heart

The components of Medjool date help to reduce LDL cholesterol, which protects the heart from diseases, strengthens its muscle, veins, and arteries and prevents clots.

– Best for pregnant women

Medjool date contains a high content of iron, vitamins and folic acid, so it is an integrated food for pregnant women, nutritious to the mother and the fetus, in the ninth month can be taken intensely to strengthen the muscles of the uterus and facilitate natural giving birth

– Protect teeth and bones

There are high levels of calcium in Medjool date, therefore, it is useful for strengthening the bones and teeth of young children, especially during teething.

– Useful for lactation

Eating Medjool date is one of the beneficial meals for women in the lactation period because it contains a large number of vitamins and minerals which are important to feed the pregnant women and to generate milk to feed the baby.

– Treatment of general weakness

If you suffer from general weakness and tiredness, you can eat Medjool date daily because it is a general tonic that treats these symptoms and helps to open appetite and helps in weight gain.

– Treats anemia

There is a large proportion of iron on this date, which helps in the treatment of anemia and works to prevent the reduction of hemoglobin in the blood.

– General tonic

Eating Medjool date eliminates the use of tonic drugs or vitamins and supplements, it consists of nutrients and multiple vitamins that give the body energy and vitality and activity.

– Calming the nerves

Eating Medjool date calms nerves and relieves stress and fatigue, which helps to sleep peacefully and get rid of insomnia.

– Strengthens the immune system

Medjool date contains a high content of antioxidants that help to strengthen and stimulates the immune system and make it able to resist infection.

– Tonic for men

It is advised to take Medjool date as an aphrodisiac useful in the treatment of weakness in men.

– Prevention of cancer diseases

Medjool date with amazing ingredients help to prevent cancer and prevent the formation and spread of abnormal cells

Recipes of Medjool date

– Eating Medjool date daily at least 7 dates on an empty stomach works to regulate blood sugar.

– Medjool date used in the preparation of nutritious juices for children and the elderly, it gives them energy and vitality without the addition of sugar because it contains natural sugar.

– Medjool date is used in the manufacture of biscuits and pastries and added to pancakes, cookies, and cakes with natural honey bees, and served as a delicious natural candy.

– Medjool date with milk and honey bees from Mawasem, is a natural laxative activates the stomach and addresses constipation and protects against irritable bowel syndrome and improves appetite.

– Treatment of anemia, Medjool date is taken three times a day before meals, opens the appetite and treats anemia and activates blood circulation.

– Preparing pies of Medjool date, a useful dessert, natural and nutritious for young children.

– Medjool date juice can be prepared with raisins and natural milk to stimulate the body and give it energy and vitality, it is considered a nutritious and useful energy drink

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