Mabroom date

Mabroom date is one of the most important types of dates produced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and provided by Mawasem, it is specialized by the best taste and benefits for the public health

Mabroom date is considered an integrated pharmacy that treats a large number of diseases and has been used by old medicine experts in a large number of prescriptions.

Mabroom date is frequently used because of the abundant crops of the palm trees and the large size of their fruits, so it enters in many industries because of its abundance and high efficiency.

Mabroom date is been cultivated in many places in Saudi Arabia, especially Al-Ola area in Medina, known as the Berni dates, because the date palm tree is known by this name.

Because of its high quality it is used in the production of dates stuffed with nuts, date paste, pressed dates and a many of food industries.

SizeDiverse in size between medium and large “jumbo”, and it is recognized by round shape.
ColorRed tends to yellow
Nutritional valueSugars, carbohydrates, fibers and proteins, potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese, iron and vitamin B6, and antioxidants.
TasteDelicious and sugary taste
TextureSoft date with almost no rind.
Sourcefrom Berni palm trees at Al-Ula area in Medina.


Mabroom date, or as-called Al Berni Date or Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Date is one of the best international dates that conforms to international standards.

Al- Berni date is one of the blessed types of dates that the Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) advised to take up, and referred to in some Hadith, that the best date is Al- Berni it is the one cures diseases

You can try the distinctive “Berni” dates, the blessed dates, and enjoy the many benefits of public health


Properties Mabroom date

Mabroom date from Mawasem is considered one of the most common types of dates known for its quality and its various properties beneficial to the whole family, including:

Color: it is yellow-saturated with red, a distinctive color that attracts young ones.

Taste: it is sugary with a delicious taste that adults love before kids.

Texture: Mabroom date has a soft texture and a very thin crust that almost not exists, which makes it easy chewing and swallowing, especially for young children and the elderly, experts say about it “Zero crust.”

Storage: Mabroom date, needs to be stored away from sources of moisture and heat in a cool and dry place in order to retain its distinctive characteristics and not exposed to wetness and adhesion of fruits.

Benefits of Mabroom date

Mabroom date, this blessed date, is an integrated pharmacy that treats a lot of diseases, the most important of which are:

Benefits the digestive system

Mabroom date is considered a beneficial food for the health of the digestive system because it is rich in fiber that stimulates the movement of the intestines and treats constipation, acidity and indigestion, where it is an excellent natural laxative.

– Useful for diabetics

Mabroom date contains fibers that slow blood sugar, making it useful for diabetics.

– Free radical protection

Mabroom date contains large proportion of antioxidants that protects the body from free radicals, the most important are flavonoids that protect against Alzheimer’s and cancer.

– Protects the heart from diseases

Mabroom date has a large proportion of carotenoids, which are important antioxidants to protect the heart from disease and strengthen the heart muscle and arteries.

– Tonic for the brain

Eating Mabroom date helps to stimulate the brain and protect its cells from damage, and strengthens memory, encourage your children to eat it, especially in the exam period.

– Useful for pregnant women

Pregnant women can eat Mabroom date because it contains important vitamins for the mother and the fetus, especially iron and folic acid, and taking it in the ninth month facilitates natural delivery and strengthens the muscles of the uterus.

– Useful during the puerperium period

Postpartum women need special nutrition, and Mabroom date from Mawasem contain a high content of iron and vitamins that protect women from bleeding after childbirth and help to return the uterus to its normal size and work to increase the amount of milk to feed the baby

Recipes of dates

Because Mabroom date has a variety of properties that characterize them, especially its soft fruits, it is used in a large number of recipes, including:

– Mabroom date paste is used in the preparation of nutritious foods, especially for young children, by adding nuts to make biscuits, pastries and Maamoul.

– The drench Mabroom date on an empty stomach treats constipation and improves the performance of the digestive system.

– Mabroom date with milk daily an hour before bedtime treats insomnia and helps to sleep comfortably.

– Eating seven Mabroom date daily protects against anemia and strengthens immunity.

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