Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly

Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly from Mawasem, it is pure natural honey, 100% of our hives, it is characterized by yellowish white color because it is rich in royal jelly.

This magical food is produced by the bees’ workers from the salivary glands to feed the young queens.

This magical food is used in lots of medicinal purposes, especially it contains antibacterial and microbial components.

It is jellied with strong densityDensity
Pale yellow and whitecolor
The distinctive smell of honeyOdor
Pungent acidTaste
A large number of Amino Acids, Proteins, Ascorbic Acid, and a wide range of vitamins including: B1, B6, B12, A, K, E, vitamin D, Carbohydrates, Glucose, Glucose, Fructose, Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and natural hormones.Component
Natural bee honey with royal jelly.plant



Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a distinctive healthy food that is different from other types of honey. It is a rare type that is only sought by lovers of luxury and excellence.

This bee honey combines the benefits of pure natural bee’s honey and the benefits of royal jelly, the sticky white substance that produced by bee workers specifically to feed queens.

Now Mawasem presents to you pure honey when you can enjoy a distinctive taste and multiple benefits for better health

This unique product contains a range of vitamins and minerals necessary for health, which are not repeated in any other product,

Niacin, Folic Acid, Iron, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Calcium, Vitamin E, Antioxidants and a large number of important hormones for the activation of the gonads.

Honey with Royal Jelly is an effective treatment for Anemia and Malnutrition, a general tonic of the body contains an excellent proportion of fats.

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Characterizes & Benefits


450 Gram

Characteristics of Royal Jelly Honey

Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly from Mawasem, a distinctive type contains a set of characteristics make it different from other species and can be easily distinguished because of its unique characteristics as followed

Odor: it is characterized by the distinctive smell of honey without any industrial nutrients, preservatives or industrial colors.

Color: Royal Jelly Honey is pale yellow to white, that’s because it is saturated with royal jelly.

Density: Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly has a heavy texture, dense, like cream.

Taste: Sour, sweet, and delicious.

Storage: Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly is affected by light and heat. It should be stored at low temperatures away from light and sunlight to maintain their nutritional properties.

It has not to be stored at high temperature, it might cause crystallization or melt, and it might turn to brown due to decomposing of the protein in it and its smell turn to pungent a signal to rot of royal food.

So, you should pay attention to the proper way to save this type of honey to keep it healthy and healthy until the last drop


Benefits of Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly.

When you choose honey that is saturated with royal jelly from Mawasem, this means that you appreciate the rare gems and knows its value, this type of honey is highly nutritious, and whoever chooses it, is definitely going to it in particular, and never misses it.:

Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly activates the body and the circulatory system and gives you energy and vitality and eliminates the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, take a spoon daily and you can go to work and exercise without fatigue.

Older people have a large share of these benefits, Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly helps in the process of building damaged body tissues and replace them with new cells, and prevents the emergence of wrinkles, and protects brain cells from damage and refresh memory.

Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly is the best nutrition for athletes and strong physical employers it gives tremendous energy and builds muscles.

Healthy and child-friendly honey is the strongest food for them during the growth period.

All marriage’s problems solved by Mawasem through this product, it is considered an excellent sexual tonic, strengthen erection and treatment of premature ejaculation and increase the number of sperm and improve the quality and treatment of deformities, you can rely on it with no worries

Royal Jelly raises women’s fertility, regulates ovulation, improves libido and treats delayed pregnancy. It stimulates the secretion of Estrogen and relieves menstrual pain from colic and tension.

This type of honey works to reduce cholesterol levels in the body and protect against heart attacks.

Cancer patients suffer from stress, weakness while taking Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly gives them energy and reduces the sense of fatigue, and prevents the growth of cancer cells and helps to break them.

Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly works to control the levels of insulin in the body and relieve symptoms of diabetes if taken daily for two months in a few doses.

Taking one tablespoon of Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly gives the body all the nutrients it needs and supplies it with energy and vitality.

This honey can be used to feed the children after the second year safely, providing them with vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth of bones and teeth and treat anemia and general weakness.

Recipes of Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly

Honey Saturated with Royal Jelly can be used safely on the skin, you can put a tablespoon of this distinctive honey with egg yolks and a teaspoon of almond oil, mix the ingredients well and put on the skin for 15 minutes once and then rinse skin with lukewarm water.

The annoying blackheads can be treated with a little lemon juice, with a large spoonful of honey, and the mixture is used as a mask on the face and neck to nourish and moisturize it

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