Date Palm

Mawasem company doesn’t only offer all types of bee honey, but it offers you a wide range of natural additives that can be added to honey to enhance its benefits, the most important of these additions are “date palm,” or as so-called reproduction grains in palm.

It is a natural white powder produced by the male part of the plant, which fertilizes the female part to produce a new plant, and it is transmitted either by wind or insects.

It is used by bees to feed the queen and larvae, and hence it can produce the royal jelly, and what is really astonished that the bees can distinguish between the good date palm and the other ones that cause allergies.

research and experience have proven that this food is very useful for men and women, especially with regard to the treatment of infertility

DensityA very light substance similar to powder, it is very soft and can easily fly if exposed to air.
ColorWhite powder tends to yellow color.
OdorIts odor tends to male semen.
Tasteacidic taste and is preferably used with honey.
ComponentsSugars, proteins, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron vitamin C and (b), beta-carotene and antioxidants.

In addition to the proportion of estrogen necessary for the activation of ovaries.

FlowerThe fruits of male palm.



Date palm from Mawasem is an important and useful product for anyone looking for a safe, fast and natural treatment for sexual problems and infertility, studies have confirmed the conclusion that Date palm is the best alternative to different chemical drugs.

Date palm is a dietary supplement and tonic for men and women due to its strong hormonal components useful in this regard, Arab used it since ancient times in treatment to all the reproductive problems of men and women when date palm is collected from male palm trees only in the spring season

The ancient Arab doctors confirmed the advantages and benefits of date palm as it strengthens immunity, treats chest diseases, regulates ovulation and activates the ovaries and prevents internal bleeding for high pressure and diabetes patients and acts as a calming substance

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Characteristics of date palm

Date palm is distinguished by its unique characteristics:

Smell: date palm is the mating dust is obtained from male saplings in the spring season, that is why it smells like semen in men.

Density: date palm is a light material similar to powders that are very soft and easily fly if exposed to air.

Taste: the taste of date palm is sour, it is preferred to mix it with honey from Mawasem, by mixing 100 grams date palm with one kilo of honey and take one tablespoon daily

Storage: date palm from Mawasem, is filled in glass containers, preferably stored in cold, dry places, away from heat and sunlight.

Benefits of date palm

If you are looking for a natural dietary supplement that strengthens the body and the immune system and treats many diseases, we advise you to take the date palm from Mawasem , since it has medical and therapeutic benefits known a long time ago by ancient medicine and supported by modern medicine many studies and research.

– Infertility and reproduce:

– One of the most important benefits of date palm that it is a treatment for delayed pregnancy in women, because it is rich with hormone of Estrogen, which works to stimulate the ovaries and treat menstrual disorders, which regulates the cycle of ovulation and thus the pregnancy happens, beside it ease the pain and symptoms of the menstrual cycle disturbing.

– Date palm is a strong sexual stimulant for men, it treats erectile dysfunction, increases sexual desire, improves sperms movement, and increases their number and their quality, it treats prostate diseases, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy.

– Date palm treats sexual frigidity for couples and increases sexual desire.

– For pregnancy and lactation.

Date palm is considered a general strengthening for women’s health during pregnancy because it is rich in iron and vitamins, so it is recommended to be taken regularly to feed the mother and fetus

Taking date Palm regularly during the pregnancy period strengthens the uterus and prevents abortion and helps to give birth naturally.

Don’t stop taking it after giving birth, It increases the production of milk and makes it rich in vitamins, minerals, and components that increase the child’s immunity and nutrition and compensate the mother’s body after lost blood during childbirth.

Symptoms of the menopause.

In menopause, women suffer from annoying symptoms that can be treated by taking date palm, because it is rich in natural hormones that will benefit and compensate the body during this critical stage, also protect the woman from osteoporosis, hot flashes, and mood swings.

Skin and hair.

Skincare is everyone’s concern, especially girls and women, date palm helps to give the skin the fresh tight look without wrinkles, pills and pimples, because it contains vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, sugars and proteins, that makes it excellent in skin care’s recipes.

– The use of date palm from Mawasem is the best treatment for hair problems, especially weakness and fall, used it regularly to have healthy and shiny hair.

– Strong nails are the address of health and beauty, date palm from Mawasem strengthens them because it contains a large amount of zinc, calcium and other important elements of nail health.

Using date palm with honey as a palm is useful to get rid of the effects of grain, burns and wounds, and also treats eczema, itching and skin diseases.

Treating insomnia.

insomnia, sleep disorders, depression and psychological problems can be treated by taking the date palm with warm milk directly before bed so that you can enjoy a calm and comfortable sleep.


The problem of anemia can be easily treated by taking date palm from Mawasem regularly because it contains a large proportion of iron and vitamin “C” and they together are to raise the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood.


You can count on date palm to treat all the problems of the stomach, where it addresses diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and stomach infections, which can be taken daily with Sidr honey from Mawasem three times before eating.

Bone strengthening.

Date palm works to strengthen the bones and protect them from breakage and fragility and protect children from osteomalacia and rickets because it is rich in phosphorus and calcium.

Liver protection.

The liver can be protected from fibrosis, fat, and toxins by taking date palm which strengthens the liver and helps to expel toxins from the body

Respiratory system.

Date palm is an excellent treatment for respiratory diseases, cold, flu and asthma.

Other benefits.

– Date palm from Mawasem protects the body from diseases and cells’ damage because of its components of vitamins and antioxidants and flavonoids.

– Adding date palm to water purifies and disinfects it of pollutants, it is a natural filter of water and gives it a beautiful taste.

– During fasting it works to raise the body’s ability to withstand hunger and thirst and helps to resist exhaustion, stress and fight general weakness if you take it with honey from Mawasem in the meal of Suhur.

– Treats bleeding of conjunctiva eye and internal bleeding in the stomach because it strengthens capillaries and blood vessels.

– Taking date palm with honey from Mawasem, is considered as an appetizer and a general tonic for children and adults, which improves the process of metabolism and strengthens the body thanks to vitamins and minerals in it.

– Date palm is a natural tonic it protects the body from the symptoms of aging and reduces the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the body, according to a recent Chinese study.

– date palm is an important food for athletes, addresses fatigue and stress, activates the body and strengthen it because it is rich in vitamin B and B complex and other vitamins and minerals.

– The use of date palm reduces the side effects of chemotherapy, and increases the endurance and reduce fatigue and exhaustion, besides it protects against cancer by mixing it with honey and Ginseng powder and all these products are available from Mawasem

Recipes from date palm

Date palm from Mawasem is the best selection for those who are looking for an effective natural treatment for a large number of diseases, there is a set of useful recipes to get the maximum benefit from this unique and natural product

– To activate the ovulation, mix a tablespoon of the date palm with a teaspoon of honey in a cup of natural milk, and take this mixture daily before breakfast.

– Add date palm to warm water and use it as a water bath twice a day for ten days helps to activate ovulation.

– To treat delayed procreation, mix a kilogram of royal honey from Mawasem with 100 grams of the date palm, 200 grams of ginseng and 100 grams of cumin, and put a tablespoon of this mixture in a warm cup of milk and drink it daily before sleep.

– To activate ovulation and help with pregnancy, a paste of one and a half tablespoons of date palm can be formed with drops of clean water and a teaspoon of honey, this paste can be used as a vaginal suppositories placed inside the vagina before the intimacy relation with half an hour, this recipe activates ovulation and increases the movement of sperm which helps the pregnancy.

– Taking date palm with honey from Mawasem three times daily treats anemia.

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