Bees glue or Propolis

Bees glue is a natural substance that extracted from the bee hive, which workers collect from the buds and bark of the trees and then mix it with nectar, saliva and pollen.

It helps to protect the cells from fungus, bacteria and any contaminants in the atmosphere because it works as a disinfectant.

Research has proven that Bees glue contains a large number of useful vitamins to humans

DensitySticky waxy material
ColorTends to brown
OdorAromatic smell is similar to vanilla
Tastepungent taste
ComponentsContains waxy and acidic substances, aromatic oils, proteins, resinous substances with flavonoids, pollen, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
FlowerA natural substance collected by the bee workers from the buds and bark of trees mixed it with nectar, saliva and pollen.



Bees glue or as- called propolis is also called beeswax, is a natural substance manufactured by bee workers brilliantly from bark and tree buds and then added to pollen, saliva and beeswax, to get at the end a combination of multiple benefits and advantages

Scientists stated that this substance has been present for more than 50 million years and has been used by Abu Qurat in the treatment of skin diseases such as wounds, ulcers and burns. It was used in the middle ages to treat many diseases and they used to place it on baby’s navel immediately after birth to accelerate recovery.

Today Mawasem rediscovers this divine miracle and put it in your hands, make sure to have this rare substance and enjoy unprecedented benefits for you and your family.

As doctors confirmed that the Bees gum is the most powerful natural antibiotic at all, it works on the treatment of diseases and raise the efficiency of the immune system, not only but also many medical companies has recognized its importance and started to add it to medicines and medical ointments

Mawasem offers you Bees gum naturally from its original source with delicious taste

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The properties of Bees glue

from Mawasem, cannot be mistaken, it has a set of unique properties, the most important are

Odor: Bees glue is characterized by aroma-like aromatic vanilla, and if burned it gives him a distinctive smart smell.

Color: The color of Bees glue vary depends on the source from which the workers gather the buds, bark and flowers, but it often tends to brown.

Density: Bees glue is a sticky wax.

Taste: delicious and can be added to honey to enjoy a wonderful taste.

Storage: Bees glue from Mawasem is sealed in a glass container, preferably kept away from sunlight and heat and kept in a dry and good ventilated place.

Benefits of Bees glue

Bees glue is a miracle material and natural divine medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat many diseases.

Today Mawasem presents Bees glue to you and your family that delicious and useful food with many benefits including:

Cancer prevention.

– The proportion of antioxidants that exist in Bees glue can eliminate the cancer cells and break them down and eliminate its growing

fighting the infection.

– Bees glue is rich in natural substances, flavonoids, which make it one of the most powerful natural antibiotics, so it is useful in the treatment of infectious bacterial diseases.

– Taking Bees glue protects against many serious viral diseases such as AIDS.

– Taking Bees glue as an Oral treatment after surgeries helps in healing wounds and strengthens skin immunity against infection.


Bees glue has strong antiseptic properties, so it is a magic treatment for burns, ulcers and skin infections.

If you search for beauty and permanent youth, bees glue moisturizes dry skin and tightens wrinkles and treats cracks, also it makes the skin shiny and smooth, and treats pimples, pills, and fights the signs of aging, so it is included in many skincare’s recipes.

For millions of years, Bees glue has proven efficiency in the treatment of skin diseases, especially psoriasis, alopecia, eczema, warts, herpes, skin cancer.

It is used as a cream on the skin to heal from herpes, ulcers, and burns and prevents its appearance again, because it contains flavonoids and pinocembrin known as anti-fungus and has the ability to heal wounds.

For kids.

Young children are frequently exposed to colds and flu, and immediate and natural remedy is Bees glue from Mawasem, it helps to cure these annoying diseases and strengthens their immune system and increases its ability to resist viral and bacterial diseases.

Mouth and teeth.

Keep your teeth and gum healthy and enjoy the same refreshing breath by using bees glue from Mawasem


-Experiments confirmed the effectiveness of Bees glue in the treatment of eye diseases, especially glaucoma “blue water” and corneal infections and eye’s sensitivity.

Cardiovascular disease.

Bees glue from Mawasem contains the antioxidants which make it the best prevention of atherosclerosis, heart disease and vascular disease, it reduces the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the body.

Bees glue treats strokes and protects against them, as it protects blood vessels from damage and works to expand it, moreover it helps to lower the high blood pressure.

For diabetic.

Bees glue from Mawasem is the friend of diabetes patients, it helps to control the level of sugar in the blood and activate the pancreas.

For Men

Stop taking the stimulant drugs, with multiple side effects, now your sexual problems are treated with this miracle product from Mawasem, it raises the level of fertility, activates the pituitary gland and works to raise the hormone of “Testosterone” increases the production of sperm and improves its quality , Increases testicular size, treats erectile dysfunction, infertility, genital tract infections and prostate inflammation.

Thyroid glans

Patients with hypothyroidism, bees glue from Mawasem, the best tonic of the thyroid gland, take it regularly and see the results yourself

For women.

Activates women’s hormones, which makes it a cure for weak sexual desire, and reduces the problems of menopause.

Bees glue from Mawasem gives energy to mothers and increases milk secretion for lactation It also helps quickly recover from the caesarean section and restore the uterus to normal size quickly.

Kidney and urinary system.

Bees glue from Mawasem is beneficial to the kidney and the bladder as it is a diuretic that saves the body from toxins.


It Protects the digestive system from disorders, and treats irritable colon, colic, vomiting and nausea.

Bees glue activate the liver and treats viruses, especially the virus, “B”, and is a good tonic for bile stenosis, moreover, it treats ulcer stomach and colon and the twelve

Respiratory system.

Heals and treats respiratory diseases, especially cough, sputum, tuberculosis and chest sensitivity.

Treats all types of skin allergies and respiratory allergies especially in the spring, because it contains pollen, which is a natural vaccination against allergy.

Other benefits.

Patients who have been forced to get Cortisone for treatment, they have now Bees glue from Mawasem which helps to control the hormonal imbalance caused by Cortisone in their bodies.

Taking Bees glue does not contradict with the dieting systems, as it helps to burn fats

Recipes from Bees glue

Due to the fact that Bees glue has a large number of benefits, it is widely used to treat lots of diseases and also included many medical and therapeutic prescriptions.

The doctors advise to take the bees glue regularly of half a gram to 2 grams a day, where you can chew or mix it with pure honey bees, or warm water or any natural granular juice for you and your children, it is preferably getting a rest for a week every 45 days, after which you can return again to take the bees glue

The most important recipes include:

1. Mix 25 grams of Bees glue on a kilo of honey well, then take a tablespoon of it daily before breakfast.

2. Mixing bees glue with royal honey from Mawasem doubles its nutritional and medicinal value.

3. Bees glue can be used in skin and hair care masks with honey for a clear skin free of grain, freckles, wrinkles and fine silk hair.

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