Al-Osaimi mountain honey

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Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem, is one of the finest and purest types of Yemeni honey, it is also called Osaimat’s honey because its source is the Osaimat valleys of Yemeni which is famous for the presence of medicinal plants trees, especially dense Sidr trees, where bees feed on to produce the best types of honey known globally with medical and therapeutic benefits.

Al-Osaimi honey has a distinctive taste and flavor that cannot be missed by lovers of distinctive taste.

This type of honey is known for its fertility properties, so it’s called “Yemen Viagra”

Many people prefer it because it gives them energy and vitality away from the effect of harmful chemical drugs.

DensityHigh density
ColorLight golden
OdorThe good smell of the Sidr trees
TasteSugary not pungent
ComponentsMonosaccharides, vitamins and minerals are the most important magnesium, iron, proteins, in addition to antioxidants that have a role in the prevention of cancer and enhance immunity.
FlowerSidr trees



Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Osaim valley at Yemen which is famous for the presence of medicinal herbs and the wild dense Sidr trees known with its many benefits, where there are more than 30 thousand beehives provide the finest honey.

Your choice of Al-Osaimi mountain honey is a successful choice, it is a complete healthy food useful for the whole family contains a large number of vitamins and natural minerals that strengthen the body and immunity.

It is one of the rare types of honey picked during the spring, provided by Mawasem with all the benefits of nature without artificial additives.

Specialists in Yemen believe that Al-Osaimi honey has its customers who request it by name, they know its benefits and characteristics that makes it a natural medical miracle.

It is famous that it is extracted by the traditional methods known as “molasses” and this means that you will get Sidr honey full of beeswax and royal jelly, so it is high density, rich in bounties and wonderful benefits for the treatment of diseases.

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250 Gram, 500 Gram, 1000 Gram

Characteristics of honey

Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem, 100% natural honey, is characterized by a group of characteristics, the most important:

Odor: Mountain honey is characterized by an aroma smell of the Sidr trees

Color: Al-Osaimi mountain honey is distinguished with its light color

Taste: This honey is delicious food with sugary not pungent taste, easy to digest, loved by children and they accept to eat it, it protects them from infectious diseases.

Density: it is characterized by high density.

Storage: Mawasem offers you Al-Osaimi mountain honey in sealed glass containers. You can store it in the refrigerator as it does not freeze with low temperature and does not crystallize easily and does not form any pieces or crystals. It also retains its natural texture for long periods without being damaged.

The benefits of Al-Osaimi mountain honey

– Infertility treatment.

Al-Osaimi mountain honey is famous as an aphrodisiac to the extent that it is known as “Yemen’s Viagra” men accept to take it as an effective alternative to the medications that might cause health problems and undesirable side effects.

It increases libido, improves the erection, stimulates the testicles, increases sperm count and treats its deformity and increases the mobility which increases the chances of pregnancy.

If you suffer from any problems related to your marital life, you can try Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem, one of the best natural remedies nourishes the body and gives you energy and vitality.

– Useful for ladies

This honey is not only a product for men, but it is rich in natural hormones that help to regulate ovulation and treat fertility problems, which facilitates pregnancy.

It is also your wife’s companion during pregnancy because it is rich in the natural nutrients that pregnant women need during this important period.

In the period of breastfeeding it is defiantly indispensable, it helps to feed the mother after childbirth and speed up recovery and works to increase the secretion of breast milk to feed the infant.

– Perfect food for children

Al-Osaimi mountain honey is an ideal food for young children, the sugary and delicious taste makes them love it and eat it easily.

It contains vitamins and minerals that make it a general tonic and natural appetitive for young people, it raises their immunity and protects them from infection with viral and bacterial diseases.

Al-Osaimi mountain honey is enriched with powerful antiseptic ingredients that cleanse children’s respiratory tract, treat sore throat, and help to treat cold and flu, moreover taking Al-Osaimi mountain honey regularly works to increase the number of white blood cells necessary to strengthen the immune system against diseases.

If you have a child with a problem of bedwetting, this honey is an ideal treatment if it is used daily before bedtime.

You can use Al-Osaimi mountain honey as a natural laxative that treats constipation in children and improves digestion and regulates the work of the stomach and intestines.

If your baby does not sleep easily, you can help him to sleep quietly by drinking a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of Al-Osaimi mountain honey added to it, it will calm him and give him a quiet sleep

This honey is rich in calcium and magnesium, which are necessary elements to strengthen the bones and teeth of children and support their development.

– Skin diseases

One of the most important uses of Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem is that it is an effective treatment for skin diseases, it can be used as a topical ointment, it treats burns and their effects, ulcers, and wounds, and speeds up healing.

– Diabetics

Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem is a good tonic for the pancreas with low glucose, which makes it useful for diabetes.

– Colon treatment

Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem is a treatment for diseases of the stomach and colon, it works to calm the colon, which reduces the troublesome symptoms, especially colic and gases, it is a powerful natural sedative.

– Treatment of anemia

Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem is rich in iron and multiple minerals that work to increase the production of red blood cells, which raises the rate of hemoglobin that treats the problem of anemia

– Calming the nerves

Mawasem offers you the best natural sedative for nervousness and stress, stop taking medications that may cause addiction in the long term, Al-Osaimi mountain honey calms the nerves and treats anxiety, depression and tension and improves the mental state

– Beauty skin and hair

The dream of getting moist and fresh skin free of pimples also healthy and shiny hair can be achieved by using Al-Osaimi mountain honey in skin and hair care recipes.

– Treatment of urinary incontinence

This problem affects many people, especially women with old age and multiple times of pregnancy and childbirth and it is treated by eating a spoonful of Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem before bedtime daily.

– Vaginal infections

Al-Osaimi mountain honey treats irritating vaginal infections and secretions.

– Bone pain

Al-Osaimi mountain honey is useful in the treatment of rheumatic pain and pain of bones, joints and muscles.

– Chronic constipation

If you have chronic constipation that lasts for a long time, Al-Osaimi mountain honey is superior to lactose-laxative medication.

– Typhoid treatment

Al-Osaimi mountain honey is a miracle medication for incurable diseases, including typhoid, this disease is widespread in Africa and has no vaccine yet.

– Cancer prevention

Al-Osaimi mountain honey is useful in preventing cancer, as it prevents the growth of cancer cells and stops their spread.

– Treatment of lung infections

Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem is used in the treatment of pneumonia, get rid of mucus and calms the cough.

Recipes of Al-Osaimi mountain honey

– Al-Osaimi mountain honey is useful in the treatment of anemia by eating 3 tablespoons of it daily on an empty stomach.

– Yogurt mask with a spoonful of Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem is to nourish the skin.

– To moisturize the hair and to treat hair loss, you can dilute Al-Osaimi mountain honey with lukewarm water and put on the hair once a week and then rinse it normally with water and shampoo.

– Gargle with a solution of a spoonful of Al-Osaimi mountain honey dissolved in a glass of warm water is an effective treatment for the infections of the throat and tonsils because it contains anti-bacterial components.

This mixture also can be used to cleanse the mouth and treat bleeding gums.

– A spoonful of this honey on a cup of warm milk calms the nerves and treats insomnia and tension and makes you enjoy a quiet night and a comfortable sleep.

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