Al Madinah Pressed-Dates

Mawasem is continuing in offering their customers best dates in the world. Al Madinah pressed-dates which the pilgrims eat during the Hajj season because of its distinctive taste and high nutritive value.

These dates contain very important vitamins for the body that protect it from infection and strengthen the immune system and heals a large number of diseases.

Date specialists say it is kind of blessed because it is grown in farms close to the Haram al-Sharif.

ColorDark hazel color tends to black
Nutritional valueHigh nutritional value contains vitamins and minerals, mainly calcium, magnesium, zinc, amino acids, glucose, fructose and carbohydrates.
TasteSugary and delicious taste
SourcePalm trees in Madinah, Saudi Arabi


Al Madinah pressed-dates is not only tasty, but it is a cure for many diseases, we recommend that you and all members of the family and take advantage of its wonderful features.

These dates are made by removing the seeds from the mature dates, then grinding them and then pressing them to dry the water to turn into a soft dough easy to swallow and chew, making it a delicious food useful for everyone, especially children, can be taken by young people as an alternative to industrial colored sweets known for health damage.

If you want to eat delicious dates that do not cause weight gain, it is considered a healthy breakfast during the holy month of Ramadan, which was recommended by our Messenger prophet Mohamed to eat seven dates every day, will save you from poison or charm.

Research and studies have confirmed that Al Madinah pressed-dates is one of the most useful types of dates in the world, the softest, tasty and delicious, nutrition experts also emphasize its importance to human health.


Characterizes & Benefits

Weight1000 g

The characteristics of Al Madinah pressed-dates

Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem, is natural dates of the finest dates in the world, is it recognized with:

Color: Al Madinah pressed-dates is characterized by Dark hazel color tends to black

Taste: delicious and distinctive sugary taste that is lovable by children and adults

Textures: Al Madinah pressed-dates is characterized by a soft texture and an oblong shape.

Storage: Al Madinah pressed-dates needs to be stored away from sources of moisture and heat in a cool and dry place in order to retain its characteristics.

Benefits Al Madinah pressed-dates

Make sure to eat Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem regularly, it leaves a positive impact on the public health, as it strengthens immunity and activates the body it is a healthy daily food, especially with breakfast during the month of Ramadan, the most important benefits are:

– Digestive problems

Al Madinah pressed-dates contain many fast-soluble fibers that help in the treatment of digestive problems, especially constipation, where it works as a laxative that eliminates wastes easily from the digestive systemin it also treats acidity, gas and irritable bowel problems.

– Treatment of anemia

Al Madinah pressed-dates have an excellent percentage of vitamin C and iron, which works to raise the proportion of hemoglobin in the body and treats anemia and gets rid of its symptoms, especially laziness, lethargy and general weakness, use it for your children and make them enjoy a delicious and useful food that gives them energy and activity and supports their growth.

– Protect the heart

Pectin fibers help to reduce cholesterol, which strengthens the heart and arteries and protects against disease.

– Good food for pregnant women

Al Madinah pressed-dates is one of the best gifts from Mawasem to the pregnant women, as it is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron, calcium and magnesium, this makes it a complete nutritious meal benefits the pregnant women and the fetus, protects from anemia and strengthens bones and teeth, and in the last month of pregnancy stimulates the natural childbirth and relieves pain.

– Strengthen bones

Al Madinah pressed-dates contain a large proportion of antioxidants, calcium and phosphorus, it protects the whole family from bone problems and fragility and helps to strengthen the teeth of children and help them during the teething period.

– Strengthen immunity

A lot of people suffer from weak immunity, especially children, Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem is the best natural food that helps in strengthening the health of the immune system, as it works to protect the body from infections and expel toxins from the blood, intestines, colon and kidneys.

– Cancer protection

Selenium and antioxidant that heavily exist in Al Madinah pressed-dates, help to protect the body from cancer. It helps to repair damaged cells and prevent cancer cells from spreading.

– Elimination of worms

If you have someone who has intestinal worms, especially toddler, eating Al Madinah pressed-dates on an empty stomach helps to get rid of intestinal worms and parasites in an easy and gentle way.

– Body tonic

Feeling tired, hungry, and exhausted, if you are looking for a quick meal that gives you energy and vitality. There is no better than Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem, which give you tremendous energy and activeness quickly because it contains glucose, sucrose and fructose, all the necessary sugars that provide the body with energy and vitality.

– Treat cholera

Al Madinah pressed-dates contain a substance called Tannin, which treats snake bites.

– Tooth decay

If your kids eat sweets which cause tooth decay, you can replace these sweets with Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem It is delicious food and a useful dessert for children that contains the element “fluorine” that protects their teeth from decay. It is just like a safe candy without decay.

– Prevention of Osteomalacia

Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem, as it has a large percentage of phosphorus, calcium and vitamins that are important to protect children from rickets and osteomalacia, make it part of your children’s diet and help them grow healthy.

– Aperitif

Mothers always complain form children’s rejection of food, it can be handled by giving the youngsters a few of Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem and observe the improvement in your child’s health and appetite.

– To help focus

If you complain of forgetfulness and lack of focus with your children in different stages of education and want to help them in this regard, try Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem, which contain components that activate the brain cells and strengthen memory and protect them from forgetfulness and deterioration of mental and cognitive abilities. It is the right food in the exam period.

– Eye health

Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem are rich in vitamin A that protect the eyes from dehydration and protect against night blindness and eyelids infections.

– Skin infections

Al Madinah pressed-dates protect the skin from infections because it contains plenty of vitamin B3.

– Treatment for scurvy

The scurvy disease causes many worrisome symptoms, including rapid heartbeat with difficulty in breathing and emaciation with the appearance of red spots on the skin, and eating Al Madinah pressed-dates which is rich in vitamin “C” treats this disease.

– Hair health

Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem help to nourish hair and give it strength, softness, and vitality.

– Sexual health

There is no better than natural nutrition for your sexual problems, Al Madinah pressed-dates from Mawasem contain multiple vitamins, the most important of which are: B, C, and E, that work to increase sexual power, in addition to amino acids that feeds and strengthens the sperms and increases their count.

It also strengthens the prostate gland and promote blood delivery to blood vessels and then strengthens the erection and treats ED, which helps to pregnancy and treatment of infertility.

Recipes from Al Madinah pressed-dates

Eating seven dates daily for a whole month without interruption helps in the treatment of liver disease and to get rid of toxins that cause high liver enzymes.

It can be added to milk and take it on an empty stomach in the morning or at Iftar in Ramadan to provide the body with energy and vitality and to get rid of the stomachs’ worms and parasites.

It can be used in preparing foods and baked goods to raise their nutritional value.

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