Yemeni Hadrami Honey

The finest honey of all kinds types and the most distinctive in the world, made by bees that absorb the nectar of Sidr trees, those trees scattered in the valley of Hadramout , and is used in the treatment of many diseases.

Density High density.
Color Dark
Odor The smell of Sidr leaves
Taste A sweet taste not pungent
Components Monoclonal sugars, yeast, amino acids, various vitamins and minerals.
Flower Yemen’s Sidr tree



This honey is called the honey of the Sidr because the bees absorb the nectar of the Sidr tree, which is an evergreen tree that grows in hot and humid climates and stands in extreme climatic conditions.

Yemen is famous for owning a large number of trees. The Hadramaut Mountains extend over a large area from west to east, in its highlands and valleys there are a lot of wild Sidr trees

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