Yemeni Dowan honey

Mawasem presents the finest and best kinds of mountain honey known as the Yemeni Dowan honey, a 100% pure honey extracted from bee hives located in the valley of Dowan at Yemen.

The valley of Dowan, where the pure pristine nature and availability of many of Sidr trees along with medicinal plants and wild herbs, which have many therapeutic advantages.

Therefore, this honey is characterized as a healthy food appetite and delicious and at the same time has health and medicinal properties make it a treatment and prevention of large number of diseases

High Density
Brown Color Color
The smell of pure honey Odor
Sugary and not pungent Taste
Sugars, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, proteins and minerals are important for the health of adults and young people. Component
Bees feed on a wide range of plants with many medicinal benefits. Plant



Mawasem brings you the Yemeni Dowan honey from its original source from the Dwan valley in Yemen’s Hadramout, where bees feed on a wide range of medicinal and aromatic plants and wild herbs with therapeutic qualities, producing sweet honey without any industrial feed or preservatives.

If you are looking for a source of energy and vitality, purchase honey from Mawasem to get great energy because it contains plenty of calories.

The popularity of this honey has no doubts, it is one of the most known and high demand honeys for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits in addition to its high nutritional value

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