Sugary Date


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Mawasem is continuing in offering their customers best dates in the world. Al Madinah pressed-dates which the pilgrims eat during the Hajj season because of its distinctive taste and high nutritive value.

These dates contain very important vitamins for the body that protect it from infection and strengthen the immune system and heals a large number of diseases.

Date specialists say it is kind of blessed because it is grown in farms close to the Haram al-Sharif.

Size Oblong
Color Dark hazel color tends to black
Nutritional value High nutritional value contains vitamins and minerals, mainly calcium, magnesium, zinc, amino acids, glucose, fructose and carbohydrates.
Taste Sugary and delicious taste
Source Palm trees in Madinah, Saudi Arabi
Texture soft


Out of stock

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famed for its palm trees, which produce the best dates in the world.

If you want healthy nourishment for your children with a sugar-like taste without artificial colors and preservatives which harm their health, here’s the sugary dates from Mawasem, a delicious and nutritious food loved by young children, it is soft easy to swallow just like candy, but natural from its original sources.

A delicious and distinctive type called the crown of dates because its shape resembles the crown, this type is 100% compatible with international specifications and the best types of is the Royal sugary large size.

The sugary date is high in nutritional value, which makes it a source of a large number of vitamins and minerals useful for adults and children.


1000 Gram

    سلة الشراء
    سلة الشراء فارغةالعودة للمتجر