St. Catherine’s honey

St. Catherine’s honey is a natural product 100% of Mawasem with no preservatives or additives from Saint Catherine saplings amidst the pristine nature of the charming Sinai.

St. Catherine’s honey is characterized by the availability of medicinal and treatment properties, where the bees feed on the nectar of Sidr flowers that is known for its benefits to public health and immunity

Density  Average
Color dark golden color
Odor Strong aromatic scent
Taste Sweet and not sour.
Component It contains Sugars, Vitamins and Minerals, Especially Magnesium And Iron, Proteins, Natural Hormones And Antioxidants that play a role in preventing cancer and strengthening immunity.
Flower Sidr Flower



St. Catherine’s honey by Mawasem is full of natural nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. taking this distinctive type of honey helps stimulate the body and circulatory system.

Bees produce this honey after feeding on the flowers of the Sidr plant before its maturity, Sidr honey is considered the best honey and the most useful honey.

It is also distinguished with its taste, flavor and rareness because it is not available throughout the year, because these trees bear its fruit with the monsoon rains, St. Catherine’s honey by Mawasem provides you with a healthy food rich in nutrients with a delicious taste that young people love.

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