Sidr Socotra Honey

Socotra island at Yemen is one of the most famous places in Yemen for the production of honey bee, located in the Indian Ocean off the Gulf of Aden, and is characterized by pure nature away from any source of pollution, where are millions of medicinal trees and aromatic rare plants presence, in this place bees feed on these plants to produce the finest and purest types of natural honey

From this island Mawasem brings to you the best and the rarest kinds of honey in the world, it is honey Sidr Socotra Honey, this unique honey with high nutritional value where bees feed on the most powerful Sidr plant in the world to come out with that medical honey specialized for the treatment of many diseases.

Density High density
Color Dark Brown
Odor Strong and aromatic scent
Taste Sweet sugary and not pungent
Components Various sugars are mostly fructose, glucose and a low percentage of sucrose.

Organic and organic acids, enzymes and organic salts, vitamins and minerals, pollen grains and percentage of royal jelly and folic acid

Flower Socotra sidr plants



The Yemeni island of Socotra contains a strong and dense vegetation cover of a variety of medicinal and aromatic plants, which are rare and diverse, and reach more than 850 species of plants that grow only on this island where bees feed on them, the most important is the Sidr plant, which is described as the most famous plants due to its great benefits which grows in the rain monsoon.

French researcher “Camellia Sergan”, who lives on this island and had many researches on this regard said that the Sidr Socotra Honey characterized by strong taste and aromatic smell and rare benefits only exist in this honey, and mentiones that exporting this honey was stopped to other countries in Yemen and only was directly go from the island to France.

If you are looking for rare and distinctive honey, multi-interest and high nutritional value and cure for the difficult and intractable diseases, Mawasem provides you Sidr Socotra Honey, the strongest types of Sidr honey in the world.

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