Sidr Oasis honey

Sidr Oasis honey is a 100% natural product from Mawasem, from our bees farms in the Egyptian oasis in the west desert where pure and unspoiled nature.

Bees feed on the nectar of the flowers of the Sidr trees to produce this rare honey which is distinctive in its benefits and characteristics, one of the finest honeys in Egypt.

Density Average density
Color Distinguished burgundy
Odor The strong smell of sidr plant
Taste sweet taste and not pungent
Components Sugars, vitamins and various minerals including: vitamin A, B complex, e, folic acid, iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium and other vitamins necessary for the body.
Flower Flowers of the Egyptian Sidr plant in the mountains of the New Valley.



Sidr honey from Mawasem is a natural product produced by bees, which feed on the flowers of Sidr mountain plant, this plant blooms automatically in the mountains of oases in the Western Desert of Egypt, where the evergreen perennial Sidr tree withstands the hot weather and difficult climatic conditions.

Sidr Oasis honey from Mawasem is characterized by a large number of medical and therapeutic features besides it has a delicious taste loved by adults and children.

Sidr honey from Mawasem is the choice of a person who appreciates the rare and distinct types of honey, it is truly a different product rather than the other types of honey, it contains a large number of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, that make it a medication for many diseases

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