Royal Sidr Honey



Royal Sidr honey from Mawasem, is produced by bees, that feed on Sidr trees which grows on its own in the mountains depending on the monsoon rains, and this perennial tree, which withstand in most difficult climatic conditions have many medical and health benefits.

This honey contains hormones useful for the body, support the immune system for the whole family, and protect against cancer.

Do not worry about the effect of Royal Sidr honey on the stomach, it is an easy digested and absorbed food, you can rely on it as nutrition for children and the elderly, that prevents the acidity of the stomach.

It also addresses the problems of teeth and bones and treats infertility in men and women.

You can also take Royal Sidr honey from Mawasem for anemia and weight loss, its countless benefits will make you buy it without thinking.

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