Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly; a sticky gel made by bees to nourish the queen, that why it is known as royal food, it is presented to you by Mawasem fresh and natural from our herds, this miraculous substance is recognized for its unique therapeutic properties of human and known as the eternal elixir of youth.

The young workers, who are not older than four weeks, produce this substance through a very complex process inside their bodies, where the pollen is refined with honey to remove this substance from the pharyngeal glands in the front of the head.

Eating royal food activates the body and protects against diseases and strengthens the immune system and addresses a large number of diseases, it is food and medicine at the same time.

Density Highly viscous gel material.
Color The color of white queens turns with time to yellow.
Odor The aroma of Royal Jelly is characteristic.
Taste Enjoy a sour acidic taste.
Components Royal Jelly is made up of lots of compounds, mainly glucose, fructose, phosphate, and 17 types of amino acids, the most important of which are Lysine and Glutamate, Vitamins A, D, C, B complex, Pantothenic Acid, Proteins and Fats, Including Iron and Folic Acid.
Source Royal Jelly food is produced by bees from the pharyngeal glands in the front of her head.



Royal Jelly by Mawasem is produced by the workers, the bee is depending on it to feed and grow, and after its benefits and high nutritional value are confirmed by Mawasem, its presented to you for your health.

Royal Jelly By Mawasem is characterized by delicious taste, as it is beneficial for all body organs and nourishing, contains lots of Vitamins, Minerals, Acids and Antioxidants, it is tonic and strengthens the body, opens the appetite, tonics glands, treats thinness and protects the heart from diseases, it is really the food of kings and queens.

Your choice of Royal Jelly from Mawasem is an interesting and exciting experience for a miracle product by Mawasem.

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