Red Night Silver Mix

Mawasem’s surprises are endless, we always have new, unique and useful products for the health of our customers, we offer you 100% natural mixtures. It is the number one in the world, after we presented to you the golden mixture, we compete with ourselves and offer you another blend of benefits prepared from the best of nature.

The Red Night Silver Mix of Egyptian mountain honey known for its outstanding benefits with carefully selection of the finest herbs that has been added to pure honey with carefully calculated proportions under the supervision of experts to have a strong and distinctive mixture that treats erectile dysfunction and all men’s problems

Odor The strong smell of Sidr plant with medicinal herbs.
Taste Sugary and delicious taste but not pungent
Components Mono sugars, yeast, amino acids, various vitamins, minerals, powerful antioxidants and natural hormones
Flower Unique Egyptian Sidr honey with a range of different medicinal herbs

EGP360.00 EGP450.00

Mawasem is always keen to provide the best, it has the finest mountain honey in the world that is known for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits, Mawasem has chosen to blend the mountain honey with herbs in a new product called the silver red knight, the mixture of health and vitality.

You can now stop taking Viagra and its derivatives, and start a new amazing experience with this mixture that gives men strength and activity without annoying side effects, if these tablets achieve a temporary result ends quickly, the Red Night Silver Mix from Mawasem gives immediate results and it continues, besides it improves the general health and stimulate the body and circulatory system, which is reflected positively on sexual performance.

The combination of mountain Sidr honey is known for its many benefits to the body and health in general and to the marital relationship in particular, has been added by Mawasem to accurately calculated portions of medicinal herbs to be a useful and natural, the product is worthy for experience and a merit choice without hesitation.


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