Red Night Golden Mix

Mawasem is always keen to choose the best of nature for the benefit of our customers

This time you are offered the Red Night Golden Mixture, made from distinctive Hadrami mountain honey known for its amazing benefits, carefully selected from collection of herbs and 100% natural supplements have been added and blended with pure honey at accurate rates calculated by experts and specialists.

The Red Night Golden Mixture is natural without any industrial or chemical substances that make it one of the most distinctive and effective mixtures in the world.

Odor The smell of good and fresh herbs mixed with the aromatic Sidr plant.
Taste Sugary, delicious taste and not pungent
Components Mono sugars, yeast, amino acids, various vitamins, minerals and strong antioxidants.
Flower Hadrami honey from the Yemeni Sidr tree in addition to natural medicinal herbs with precise calculated proportions.

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The Yemeni honey is produced by bees after they feed on Sidr trees, this perennial tree, which thrives with the rainy monsoon season, makes it rare species.

Yemen is famous for the best types of Sidr trees in the world, in particular, Hadramout has large areas of trees known for their great medicinal benefits.

The bees produce natural honey, which contains antioxidants 18 times of what is found in other types of honey, in addition to prostaglandin, a substance useful for the body and protects against diseases according to scientific research.

Hadrami – Sidr honey is a healthy food that is easy to digest and useful for the stomach, which is quickly absorbed through the lymphatic system and reaches the bloodstream.

All these benefits have been noticed by Mawasem, and the Sidr honey is added to a group of natural herbs to produce you a magic recipe used as a strong aphrodisiac for men.

If you are looking for a useful and tonic product for your body, feel free to try the Red Night Golden Mix from Mawasem, it’s a powerful magic mix.

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