Korean Red Ginseng

Natural roots growing over the volcanic mountains of Japan and Korea have been used for thousands of years in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

This miracle plant is a divine gift to man, and Korea has managed to maintain its growth and cultivation and worked to protect it from pollution and environmental impacts, today Mawasem help you to take the advantages of this supernatural product mentioned by the British Medical Encyclopedia in its pages and praised its importance and effectiveness.

A special miracle product for the sexual problems of the elderly, which brings them back to youth by its affect on sex hormones.

Density Soft brittle material.
Color its color is red that turns to white or yellow with drying
Odor Beautiful distinctive smell
Taste good taste, it can be added to dishes to improve their taste.
Components The most important components of Korean red ginseng are glycosides, a rare protein substance found only in Korean ginseng, and helps to digest sugars and fats.

It also contains phenols and maltol compounds which are powerful antioxidants.

It also contains sugars, that maintain the performance of the immune system, in addition to essential oils, fats, gender, phenostyrene, resins, vitamins and minerals.

Flower A plant that grows over the tops of volcanic mountains in Japan and Korea



Ginseng is a herbal substance that Chinese medicine has known for many years. It is used in Asian kitchens, especially Korea.

It is a perennial plant, needs five years to grow and can be used, which makes it a rare product that is not readily available.

If you want to give your body energy and vitality and raise your sexual ability and avoid the symptoms of aging and menopause, you should try red ginseng from Mawasem, which stimulates hormones secretion whereas you can get the secret of youth and vitality.

Chinese said about red ginseng that it is the miracle magic recipe, it is the most important herb known in the Chinese’s folk medicine because of its ability to heal a lot of diseases, it is so-called energy herb

Red ginseng improves mental abilities and stimulates the brain and its effect outweighs caffeine drinks, it naturally improves erection better than chemical drugs, protects against colds and raises immunity, its benefits are multiple, worth trying.

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