Hadrami Beeswax

Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem is known for its purity and its amazing benefits and for more excellence, we offer you that miracle product that contains a variety of ingredients that make it a perfect food that benefits the digestive system from the mouth to the output tunnel

Hadrami beeswax can be chewed, eaten and swallowed individually or after blending with honey to get its full benefits.

Density High density waxy material
Color Transparent white might tend to light yellow.
Odor The good smell of pure honey.
Taste Sugary and delicious
Components Contains monoclonal sugars, bee gum, propolis, pollen, royal food with a little honey, right hemorrhoids, mono and bivalent alcohol, hydrocarbons, monocrystals, hydroxy acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Flower Mountain beeswax from the mountains of Hadramout Yemen



Mawasem always gets benefit from all what honey provides; honey bees and Hadrami beeswax is one of these outstanding products produced by bees’ workers from the secretions of the gland located at the bottom of the abdominal rings called “the Istarnet “.

To produce a kilo of beeswax, the bee needs 9 kilos of honey and a large amount of pollen collected from flowers and plants, that makes it a rare and precious product that only everyone who knows its value and benefits asks for it

The benefits of beeswax have been known for thousands of years and used in the treatment of many diseases, it contains ingredients and vitamins make it a health food multi-benefits and uses as if you are buying several products in one product. It contains pollen, royal jelly and propolis with honey, all of which are known for their medicinal properties.

When you buy Hadrami beeswax from Mawasem, it means that you have chosen the perfect candy for your children, they can chew it like a chewing gum and enjoy its high benefits for mouth, gums, teeth and throat, and do not be afraid of swallowing it, Instead, encourage them to swallow and eat it. even it reaches the stomach, it benefits every part of the digestive system, even the channel of output.

Encourage your children to chew and swallow Hadrami beeswax and enjoy its delicious taste and endless benefits.

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