Egyptian Beeswax

Mawasem always try to take advantage of all the Bees honey’s miracles and benefits to offer our customers every new and useful products, this time Mawasem offers you the Egyptian beeswax known for its medical and therapeutic benefits with purity and high quality.

Beeswax is considered a miraculous and a perfect food for the digestive system of adults and children, it is like candy that can be chewed and swallowed thoroughly.

In order to maximize its benefits, it is possible to add Beeswax to pure honey from Mawasem, to completely clean the digestive system and protect it from diseases.


Density  waxy substance with high density.
Color Beeswax’s color is white, transparent, tends to light gold.
Odor It is characterized by a sweet honey bee flavor.
Taste distinctive sugary taste
Components Contains monoclonal sugars, bee gum, pollen, royal food with honey, mono and bivalent alcohol, hydrocarbons, monocrystals, hydroxy acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Flower Pure Egyptian beeswax.




Egyptian beeswax from Mawasem is a new and distinguished product, we recommend that you add it immediately to your shopping cart, it is a product worth to try it due to its various medical and therapeutic benefits.

The best candy that could be given to your children without concern, safe candy from the good nature without preservatives or artificial colors, can be chewed, eaten and swallowed, it treats the respiratory system problems, it eliminates the problem of constipation and disinfection of the digestive system, not just candy, it is a distinct treatment and useful food.

Honey Beeswax is a distinctive product produced by a small gland located below the abdominal rings called “the Internet”.

In order to produce one kilo of beeswax, bees need nine kilos of honey with a large number of pollens that are collected from plants and flowers, so it is a rare product that people crave for it.

The benefits of beeswax have been known thousands of years ago by old medicine and had been used in the treatment of many diseases because of its components of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Egyptian beeswax is one of the best foods from Mawasem, for children and adults. It opens the appetite, improves digestion and treats diseases, it is easy to eat and as soft as gum, it can be chewed and then swallowed to pass through the digestive system until it reaches the output channel in an exciting treatment journey for all the body organs it passes through.

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