Date Palm

Mawasem company doesn’t only offer all types of bee honey, but it offers you a wide range of natural additives that can be added to honey to enhance its benefits, the most important of these additions are “date palm,” or as so-called reproduction grains in palm.

It is a natural white powder produced by the male part of the plant, which fertilizes the female part to produce a new plant, and it is transmitted either by wind or insects.

It is used by bees to feed the queen and larvae, and hence it can produce the royal jelly, and what is really astonished that the bees can distinguish between the good date palm and the other ones that cause allergies.

research and experience have proven that this food is very useful for men and women, especially with regard to the treatment of infertility

Density A very light substance similar to powder, it is very soft and can easily fly if exposed to air.
Color White powder tends to yellow color.
Odor Its odor tends to male semen.
Taste acidic taste and is preferably used with honey.
Components Sugars, proteins, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron vitamin C and (b), beta-carotene and antioxidants.

In addition to the proportion of estrogen necessary for the activation of ovaries.

Flower The fruits of male palm.


Date palm from Mawasem is an important and useful product for anyone looking for a safe, fast and natural treatment for sexual problems and infertility, studies have confirmed the conclusion that Date palm is the best alternative to different chemical drugs.

Date palm is a dietary supplement and tonic for men and women due to its strong hormonal components useful in this regard, Arab used it since ancient times in treatment to all the reproductive problems of men and women when date palm is collected from male palm trees only in the spring season

The ancient Arab doctors confirmed the advantages and benefits of date palm as it strengthens immunity, treats chest diseases, regulates ovulation and activates the ovaries and prevents internal bleeding for high pressure and diabetes patients and acts as a calming substance

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