Bees glue or Propolis

Bees glue is a natural substance that extracted from the bee hive, which workers collect from the buds and bark of the trees and then mix it with nectar, saliva and pollen.

It helps to protect the cells from fungus, bacteria and any contaminants in the atmosphere because it works as a disinfectant.

Research has proven that Bees glue contains a large number of useful vitamins to humans

Density Sticky waxy material
Color Tends to brown
Odor Aromatic smell is similar to vanilla
Taste pungent taste
Components Contains waxy and acidic substances, aromatic oils, proteins, resinous substances with flavonoids, pollen, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Flower A natural substance collected by the bee workers from the buds and bark of trees mixed it with nectar, saliva and pollen.


Bees glue or as- called propolis is also called beeswax, is a natural substance manufactured by bee workers brilliantly from bark and tree buds and then added to pollen, saliva and beeswax, to get at the end a combination of multiple benefits and advantages

Scientists stated that this substance has been present for more than 50 million years and has been used by Abu Qurat in the treatment of skin diseases such as wounds, ulcers and burns. It was used in the middle ages to treat many diseases and they used to place it on baby’s navel immediately after birth to accelerate recovery.

Today Mawasem rediscovers this divine miracle and put it in your hands, make sure to have this rare substance and enjoy unprecedented benefits for you and your family.

As doctors confirmed that the Bees gum is the most powerful natural antibiotic at all, it works on the treatment of diseases and raise the efficiency of the immune system, not only but also many medical companies has recognized its importance and started to add it to medicines and medical ointments

Mawasem offers you Bees gum naturally from its original source with delicious taste

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