Bee Pollen

Bee pollen, is a natural and distinct product from Mawasem, they are small granules collected by bees from the flowers of male plants only, where the grains stick bees’ legs go, where they go with it to the cell to make the food of the queen and the small bees

Research has shown that these small grains are beneficial to humans. They contain a large number of vitamins and minerals that are important for health.

It is used in the treatment of many diseases, it is not only a delicious food, but it is also an effective treatment can be used safely.

Density Soft brittle material.
Color its color is red that turns to white or yellow with drying
Odor Beautiful distinctive smell
Taste good taste, it can be added to dishes to improve their taste.
Components The most important components of Korean red ginseng are glycosides, a rare protein substance found only in Korean ginseng, and helps to digest sugars and fats.


It also contains phenols and maltol compounds which are powerful antioxidants.

It also contains sugars, that maintain the performance of the immune system, in addition to essential oils, fats, gender, phenostyrene, resins, vitamins and minerals.


Flower A plant that grows over the tops of volcanic mountains in Japan and Korea


Bee pollens are those small grains found in the masculine part of flowers and plants, and it should be noted that this Bee pollen provided by Mawasem is not similar to that pollen that has been collected from flowers directly, where the first one is not allergens and does not lead to respiratory problems.

Because bees have the ability to pick the good pollen and keep away the bad pills that cause chest diseases, and then the bee treats it in a certain way and add honey to make a natural food delicious and safe completely.

This food contains calcium and magnesium and a large number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is an ideal food for adults and children, especially when it is added to the Sidr honey from Mawasem, it doubles its nutritional value and therapeutic efficiency.


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