Al-Osaimi mountain honey

Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Mawasem, is one of the finest and purest types of Yemeni honey, it is also called Osaimat’s honey because its source is the Osaimat valleys of Yemeni which is famous for the presence of medicinal plants trees, especially dense Sidr trees, where bees feed on to produce the best types of honey known globally with medical and therapeutic benefits.

Al-Osaimi honey has a distinctive taste and flavor that cannot be missed by lovers of distinctive taste.

This type of honey is known for its fertility properties, so it’s called “Yemen Viagra”

Many people prefer it because it gives them energy and vitality away from the effect of harmful chemical drugs.

Density High density
Color Light golden
Odor The good smell of the Sidr trees
Taste Sugary not pungent
Components Monosaccharides, vitamins and minerals are the most important magnesium, iron, proteins, in addition to antioxidants that have a role in the prevention of cancer and enhance immunity.
Flower Sidr trees



Al-Osaimi mountain honey from Osaim valley at Yemen which is famous for the presence of medicinal herbs and the wild dense Sidr trees known with its many benefits, where there are more than 30 thousand beehives provide the finest honey.

Your choice of Al-Osaimi mountain honey is a successful choice, it is a complete healthy food useful for the whole family contains a large number of vitamins and natural minerals that strengthen the body and immunity.

It is one of the rare types of honey picked during the spring, provided by Mawasem with all the benefits of nature without artificial additives.

Specialists in Yemen believe that Al-Osaimi honey has its customers who request it by name, they know its benefits and characteristics that makes it a natural medical miracle.

It is famous that it is extracted by the traditional methods known as “molasses” and this means that you will get Sidr honey full of beeswax and royal jelly, so it is high density, rich in bounties and wonderful benefits for the treatment of diseases.

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