Wild honey from Mawasem offers many benefits for the whole family, natural sweetening delicious food and treatment for a large number of diseases, especially stomach diseases, sexual dysfunction, skin ulcers, anemia, it is a general tonic that strengthens the body, stimulates the immune system and protects against tumors.

Wild honey types from Mawasem:

Sidr Oasis honey, from Mawasem apiaries in west desert Oasis where pure unspoiled nature, bees feed on the nectar of the flowers of the Sidr plant to produce this rare honey with distinctive benefits which make it the finest honey in Egypt.

St. Catherine’s honey a product from Mawasem from our apiaries in the mountain of ST. Catherine in the charming Sinai, where many of natural plants with medicinal and therapeutic properties, bees feed on the nectar of the flowers of the Sidr plant known for its many benefits to public health and immunity.

Acacia Honey from Mawasem apiaries in the New Valley, from the perennial Acacia tree belonging to the legume family, which smells aromatic, and used by the Pharaohs in the treatment of many diseases and called the tree of life.

Acacia honey is an integrated pharmacy famed for many medical uses, especially cold and digestive diseases and skin infections.

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