Royal honey is one of the best types of honey in regard to quality and purity, it contains royal jelly, offered by Mawasem to our customer it is a treatment and medicine

Royal honey types from Mawasem:

Royal Sidr honey, produced by bees that feed on Sidr trees, contains hormones useful for the body, easy to digest and absorb, lovable by adults and children, supports the immune system for the whole family, and it protects from cancer.

Sidr Socotra Honey by Mawasem, it is from the Yemeni island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean, it is characterized by a strong taste and pungent smell and rare benefits found only in this type of honey, a rare type of multiple benefits and high nutritional value, it is a cure to difficult and intractable diseases.

Royal Samar Honey is one of the best types of honey, doctors recommend using it for adults and children because it helps to strengthen the immune system, it is like a free vaccination against diseases for the whole family.

Royal honey from Mawasem is rare type of honey it is a delicious food it is used to treat many diseases, especially: cancer, acidity and stomach ulcers, sexual problems, anemia, activates blood circulation and rejuvenates and protects against symptoms of aging, strengthens immunity and activates the body.

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