Additions are provided to you from Mawasem to maximize the benefits of the natural honey, it can be added to honey or you can eat it alone, miracle supplements that have unique benefits, especially: Bee pollen, Bees glue or Propolis, Date Palm, Korean red ginseng.

Bees glue or Propolis, the most powerful natural antibiotic ever, works to treat diseases and raise the efficiency of the immune system, contains the highest proportion of antioxidants and anti-fungus and bacteria, offered to you by Mawasem in its natural form from its virgin source in a delicious and lovely taste.

Bee pollen, small granules useful to humans, contains too many vitamins and minerals which is very important for health.

Date Palm a distinctive addition has been added by Mawasem and it proved by experiments and research its benefits for men and women, especially with regard to the treatment of infertility and procreation problems.

Korean red ginseng, natural roots that grow over the volcanic mountains of Japan and Korea have been used for thousands of years in the treatment of erectile dysfunction it is a medical miracle offered by Mawasem as a natural supplement carries invaluable magic benefits.

Addition by Mawasem is rare products with amazing benefits especially when added to pure honey from Mawasem it increases its benefits and makes it treatment and delicious food

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