Mountain honey is the highest quality and the purest of all types of honey all over the world, Mawasem always keen to provide you with the best kind of honey of its original source straight to you without any industrial additives.

Mountain honey is called Sidr honey, where bees feed on the nectar of this perennial tree known for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Mountain honey types from Mawasem

–       Hadhrami Mountain Honey: From the Yemeni valley of Hadramout, where the unspoiled nature and the wild Sidr trees, is distinguished with high nutritive value and many benefits for the whole family

–       Yemeni Honey, from Wadi Dowan in Yemen, where pure nature and the presence of Sidr and Samar trees, and many medicinal plants and wild herbs, delicious food and treatment at the same time.

–       Al-Osaimi honey, one of the finest and purest types of mountain honey, from the valleys of Yemeni Osaimat where bees feed on the medicinal plants to produce the best types of honey known with its benefits. It is called "Viagra Yemen" because of its importance to fertility and sexual health.

Mountain honey from Mawasem has benefits for adults and children, delicious food and treatment for many diseases, the most important are; cancer, stomach diseases, sexual dysfunction, skin diseases, and anemia.

It is the best general tonic enhances immunity and activates the body and gives it energy and vitality.

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