Mawasem now offers our customers the finest types of carefully selected dates characterized by high nutritional value and multiple benefits for the whole family, especially: Sugary date, Medjool date, Mabroom date, Al Madinah pressed-dates

Mawasem Dates types

–       Sugary date it has a distinctive sugary taste that loved by children, from Najd and Qassim in Saudi Arabia, its health benefits are countless.

–       Medjool date, finest large-sized dates it is soft-touch with red or orange meat, delicious taste, and distinctive flavor, it has a soft texture it is truly the king of dates.

–       Mabroom date, or Berni, is not just dates, but an integrated pharmacy that treats a large number of diseases, mentioned in the biography of the Prophet Mohamed, and used by alternative medicine experts in many therapeutic recipes, also used in the production of dates stuffed with nuts and dates paste and pressed dates and a large number of food industries

–       Al Madinah pressed-dates, the blessed dates that are planted near the Holy Mosque, soft and easy to swallow and chew, delicious food useful for all, especially children, can be taken as an alternative to colored artificial candy, this date is healthy food with multiple benefits.

Dates from Mawasem are the best and the finest species we have for better health and stronger immunity, it is useful nourishment for adults and children.

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